My thoughts on the Ban President Trup has set in place


Well Trump, You made your bed now you're gonna have to lie in it.

You are getting a wall built. But who is paying the price? THE American TAXPAYERS!!!! The very people whom Trump said wouldn't pay for it. How is he doing it? By slapping a 20% tax on Mexican imported goods.

Now he is going to ban refugees and immigrants from Seven countries whom have NEVER killed Americans in Islamic Jihadist Attacks.

This is how I see the ban.

Remember in school when your teacher would punish the whole class for the actions of 1 or 2 students? That is what Trump is doing. He is punishing the people of those countries for the actions of a very few bad apples. .

This nation was founded on the Blood, Sweat, and tears of those who immigrated from countries such as: Ireland, Egypt, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, England,China, Korea, Kenya, Iran, Cuba,Venezuela, Czechoslovokia,Russia, and even Mexico as well as other countries to escape their old life and flee from tyranny, persucution, genocide, communism, fascism, and racism. They want what we all want. A good life, money happiness, and to enjoy themselves.

I do not consider myself a Liberal or Conservative, but a human being. A human who thinks everyone who should be given the same rights and privliges no matter if they are: Man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, diabetic, disabled, fat, skinny, autistic,depressed,suicidal, child, adult , immigrant, or domestic born, atheist, jew, muslim,christian, pastafarian, scientoligist, etc... Weare supposed to be a land of the free and home of the brave. Not a land of the rich and home of the orange cheeto president. I love my country, but i am ashamed of Trump.



My thoughts on the Ban President Trup has set in place

My thoughts on the Ban President Trup has set in place
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  • 1truekhaleesi
    I'm trying to give trump a chance but he's making it hard. The fact that he's banning people from middle eastern countries except countries like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, (these countries have produced people that are known threats) because he has business ties there, should be a conflict of interest. Here's a handy chart.
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    • Thanks for the photographic evidence!

    • Kuraj

      Saudi Arabia and UAE are places with little ISIS influence which are largely unaffected by armed conflicts- AND hold good relations with the US.
      Egypt is the biggest military power in middle east and among the ONLY Islamic state actually interested in peaceful relations with Israel and the west.

      The states Trump banned are FULL of ISIS allegiance and anti-Americanism which are currently drowning in civil wars and armed conflicts and breed insurgents on a daily basis.

      Maybe try read a little more about it before listening to stupid leftist propaganda.

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  • John_Doesnt
    Trump supporters don't feel dumb yet. They say "Give him a chance". Well he screwed that chance in a week.
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  • LindsayRB91rds
    The list of countries under the temporary ban is the list that Obama and his advisors came up with when they analyzed the situation with ISIS back a few years ago. They identified (and ISIS bragged about doing it) that ISIS would be likely to sneak insurgents in with the flood of refugees to get them into western countries. They did it in Europe and look how that's turning out. They bragged they would send people to the US as well. So Obama's advisors identified the worst threat as those countries. A bill passed, and Obama signed into law, the 2015 "Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act."

    If you actually listen to what Trump and his team said, they wanted to stop the flood of people coming in undocumented from the countries that the previous administration had identified as the worst threat. We then revisit the system we have in place to vet these people before we start letting them back in.

    In your list "Man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, diabetic, disabled, fat, skinny, autistic, depressed, suicidal, child, adult , immigrant, or domestic born, atheist, jew, muslim, christian, pastafarian, scientoligist, etc", I don't see Jihadist, criminal or crazy murderer. I'm glad we're finally taking steps to see who's coming into the country as part of this refugee flood. I'd rather not find out after the next terrorist attack that it was an unveiled refugee who turned out to be a trained soldier.
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  • cth96190
    You appear to know neither the cost of the USA of the illegals, nor do you know history.
    If you spend a few minutes doing some research, rather than listening to the talking points pushed by the lugenpresse mouthpieces of the likes of George Soros and is Democrat puppets, you will find that the projected cost of a wall is less than what the illegals cost the US taxpayers each year.
    The math is simple. Stop the flow, round up and deport all those who are there illegally. After the first year, the US taxpayers will be billions of dollars in front.
    In the meantime, the taxpayers should not fund medical care, education, or anything else for illegals. It is insanity for taxpayers' money to be used to reward people who have committed the crime of entering the country illegally. Just getting the children of illegals out of US schools would fix a huge resources problem.
    Second, before Robert Kennedy changed immigration law in 1965, immigration to the USA did not include non-whites.
    So, your claim that immigrants came from all sorts of places other than Europe is an historical absurdity.
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  • Phoenix98
    Except that it's not a ban

    And excuse us for not wanting to make the same retarded mistakes that all of Europe did. Because you know how well letting in all those immigrants and then trying to verify their information and do backgrounds checks turned out once they were "immigrated". Most brutal and horrific and bloody terrorist attacks in modern history, disease ridden immigrants, riots, rape, civil unrest and chaos and of course countless terrorist cells and high value terrorist leaders get comfy in Europe and calling it home. You know nothing serious.

    So yeah lets just forget about all the attacks the police, civilians and the almost daily terrorist attacks that happen in Europe now.

    You should also consider the fact that America can not financially support all these immigrants either.

    Also again it's not a Muslim ban out of the 74 Muslim countries in the world with the largest Muslim populations in the entire world. We've stopped immigration and traffic coming from 7 countries. And we are not just stopping Muslims from coming into those countries but anyone who's visited them whether they be White, Black, Arab, Christian, Muslim, American, Gay it doesn't matter they are all stopped they are all vetted and they are all investigated. Also all of the countries with the biggest Muslim populations in the world are not on that list.

    On top of that none of them complained when Obama issued a 6 month ban on all Iraqi people or people coming in from Iraq and Obama and his administration are the ones who created the list of nations that Trump is using right now.
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  • BellePepper
    He's not even punishing the class for something 1 kid did. He's punishing the class for something some kid in a different class did.
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  • RealandGenuine
    i don't like him charging taxes, and i will say this even as a supporter, we don't need a wall in my personal opinion. We do need to screen who come in this country though. Even Canada has strict immigration rules.
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  • Rissyanne
    If you support all these immigrants coming in... why dont you liberals house... feed... and provide medical insurance.
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    • That should be for everyone even our own veterans and seniors and children.

    • Rissyanne

      So how many families are you going to support? Stop spending every one else's money. We do need to spend it on our own people.

    • it should be whoever needs it no matter if they are immigrant or US Born citizen

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  • reptocarl
    I support it and according to Quinnipiac University and Rasmussen polls taken today so does the majority of Americans.
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    • Where was that poll conducted at? Bob Jones University? Liberty University?

    • reptocarl

      Go on Quinnipiac Universities website and it'll show you the results. They polled several states. Sorry dude you lose

    • I would *love* to know what drugs that researcher is on

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  • Waffles731
    'But who is paying the price? THE American TAXPAYERS!!! The very people whom Trump said wouldn't pay for it. How is he doing it? By slapping a 20% tax on Mexican imported goods.'
    His own party has said no to that one, so that leaves trump with no way to pay for the wall
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    • There you go overestimating congress again :p

  • Kuraj
    For the actions of 1 or 2 students?
    You do realize that Iran has a literal NATIONAL holiday called "Death to America Day" where their people and their government celebrate taking American Embassy hostage back in 1979 ?
    Which involved American citizens in years of torture, beatings, public humiliation and russian roulette committed by the Iranian people.

    The states Trump banned don't deserve a ban, they deserve napalm bombings.
    • Why do they hate Americans so much? Is it because of the Shah?

    • Kuraj

      Yes pretty much.
      The last Shah was greatly pro-American and attempted to force westernization and secularism on the country.
      The islamic revolution reinstated the rule of Islam and theocracy and cut off all western influence.

    • Do you think it would have been better if the Shah would have stayed in power?

  • vishna
    :) Your last sentence describes how I feel perfectly.
    Great MyTake
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  • OfDeath
    Yeah Trump isn't exactly the shit. In fact, he's just shit.
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  • helloitsmethere
    This isn't a political issue. This is a moral issue.
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  • Maxemeister
    If only we knew before we elected him that Trump was a terrible politician...
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    Well President Trumpo (inside joke on my part, I came across someone who said El Trump to mock latinos and El Trumpo translates to the Trumpo, so inside joke based on what a die hard Trump fan said!) is a master of chaos, and well, he is doing what he promised. I don't agree with it at all, and I have protested myself by participation. And I could rant on and on, but frankly I am just going to say this: I will do everything in my power to protect the minorities, Muslims, and refugees by standing up to 45!
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  • ColinHarvey
    TL;DR - please proofread and focus on concise clarity.
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  • Zendrya
    couldn't agree more
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  • KiaTate
    Trump is a joke.
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  • Voter_of-UUU248
    You spelled his name wrong.
    • That was a mistake I missed the M when I was typing the title