My thoughts on the Ban President Trup has set in place


Well Trump, You made your bed now you're gonna have to lie in it.

You are getting a wall built. But who is paying the price? THE American TAXPAYERS!!!! The very people whom Trump said wouldn't pay for it. How is he doing it? By slapping a 20% tax on Mexican imported goods.

Now he is going to ban refugees and immigrants from Seven countries whom have NEVER killed Americans in Islamic Jihadist Attacks.

This is how I see the ban.

Remember in school when your teacher would punish the whole class for the actions of 1 or 2 students? That is what Trump is doing. He is punishing the people of those countries for the actions of a very few bad apples. .

This nation was founded on the Blood, Sweat, and tears of those who immigrated from countries such as: Ireland, Egypt, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, England,China, Korea, Kenya, Iran, Cuba,Venezuela, Czechoslovokia,Russia, and even Mexico as well as other countries to escape their old life and flee from tyranny, persucution, genocide, communism, fascism, and racism. They want what we all want. A good life, money happiness, and to enjoy themselves.

I do not consider myself a Liberal or Conservative, but a human being. A human who thinks everyone who should be given the same rights and privliges no matter if they are: Man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, diabetic, disabled, fat, skinny, autistic,depressed,suicidal, child, adult , immigrant, or domestic born, atheist, jew, muslim,christian, pastafarian, scientoligist, etc... Weare supposed to be a land of the free and home of the brave. Not a land of the rich and home of the orange cheeto president. I love my country, but i am ashamed of Trump.



My thoughts on the Ban President Trup has set in place

My thoughts on the Ban President Trup has set in place
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