My Best Friend Is Making Valentine's Day Really Difficult

My best friend is making valentines day really difficult.

So in a few hours valentines day will be over. Thank god!

I had classes today and I would spend 1 hour of them with my best friend and a few of our other friends.

My best friend (I have a crush on her) was sick today, so I ended up sitting with my other friends (one of them knows about my feelings for my best friend).

I still had a lot of fun though.

So the friend who knows about it has been feeling sorry for me for the past few days because a few months ago my best friend told me that she was not interested. Back then we were just friends and we've gotten very close since then. We chat everyday, even if we had talked for a few hours that day in person.

So I knew the same was going to happen today and that it would suck.

Since at the point where we left class we had no idea if she was sick or not, I texted her asking about it because I know she gets really heavy migraine attacks.

I talked with my other friends for about an hour and then left, as soon as I left my best friend started texting me about what she was going to draw (as she always does) and asking about my opinion at a few points in her progress and it happened to be about something I like.

So we kept chatting for about 30 minutes until my train left. Then she send me a few updates while I was on the train and as soon as I got home we started chatting for a bit longer.

So chatting with her is already pretty difficult.

But then she starts sending me memes (as usual), the memes were from something specific and she complained that the ones I've send were ones that she already saw since we often look on the same site and she has been looking for some time. So I joked that she had the whole day to search for memes and then she mentions that she only started when she got in her bath when she send me the first one.

Now while I'm writing this she's constantly texting me about her favorite character in a series and how she would love to date someone like that, while she was describing him, she was describing me but then good looking.

So I thought my valentines day would be horrible as always.

Instead it went from good to bad, back to good and now it's constantly shifting.



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Valentines Day

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Valentines Day