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Texting someone you've never met?

Guys, would you not want to talk to a girl over text that you have never met in person? A guy I have never met before, who knows one of my friends... Show More

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  • There's no harm in texting him but don't give away any of your personal details to him.Ask you friends how he is as he might have already collected your details while collecting your number.You can't tell whether a guy is nice or not just by texting him because some guys will be very nice to girl till she madly falls in love with her.Better for you is to meet him in person.Don't have any expectations about him..

What Guys Said 6

  • what did he start asking you ?

  • I think they're right ^^ Ask your friend to know more about him and keep texting him before any rendez-vous. Get knowing each other, be sure it is a good guy =)

  • Text away. For some people, it is a much easier way to get to know someone. You avoid awkward silence, for starters.

  • I would say ask your friends about him just to be sure that he's a good guy, txt him for a while and then maybe meet up in person if the txting went well.

  • No, you can text him, he won't mind. :)

What Girls Said 5

  • if I were the guy, probably not. as a girl, I wouldn't talk to someone I didn't know over text, text is not eqivalent to being there in person to read expressions and tone of words.

  • If you explain who you are so you establish where your connection is from. He would then have some idea of who you are. Again...don't give out personal details. Just first name and keep it light and friendly. If you meet then go with other friends. I have good guy friends and they have no problem with talking to girls they don't know as long as it isn't too upfront or invasive.

  • I used to text a boy from a different city. He texted me every day and I texted him every day. We did this for 8 months :))) We even met and got together.

    Then we broke up but that's a different story.

    So nothing wrong ;))

  • No it's not weird. I've done that a lot. In this day and age of technology, it's not really weird. trust me

  • that would not be weird at all my friend tried hooking me up with onw of her friends and he liked me and we never meet in person but texting is a great way ti get to know some one

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