Which side of the girl should a guy walk on?

The right - protect her against cars, etc.

The left - protect against muggers, etc.

Also, I'm left handed, which impacts door holding.

  • Right side
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  • Left side
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Usually when I'm with my guy friends and we're out at night, or even during the day and walking around, they never let me walk on the cars, they always stand on either side of me, so I'm in the middle. But, when I'm with only one of them, they usually stand on the car side, never really heard of the mugger theory..


What Girls Said 9

  • i've never even considered such an idea before. but as a personal preference I prefer people on my left, guys or girls, because I find for some odd reason it's easier for me to turn to them and pay attention when they're talking... I actually will move to their right if I found myself somehow at their left. often they'll just stop and be like.. what are you doing ;p

  • On the outside, closer to the street. If you're into the traditional stuff, that is...

  • I never knew that even mattered? lol

  • Personally I prefer to have people walk on my left

  • I guess the right side is tradition, my husband does walk on the right side of me all the time.

  • I've never really put that much thought into it honestly lol.

  • it really, really does not matter that much.

    if you feel the need to protect her from muggers, then walk on the left.

    but really, don't worry about that.

  • or you can just hold her from behind and wrap ur arms around her =)


What Guys Said 4

  • Neither... I usually walk on the opposite side of her purse, especially if it's a bulkier one. If you walk on the same side as the purse then I feel distant or it prevents hand holding, etc. Although, if we're in the city, I make a point to stand on the inside of turns (IE: on the left if you are turning left on a block) when they are blind turns (blocked by corner of buildings). This is because drug dealers and homeless usually linger near the corners up against the buildings and will target women first. This has been my experience in Saint Louis city, at least. I had never heard of the "mugger theory" either, but began doing this after a homeless person grabbed my ex's arm.

    But unless I'm in the city past 11pm, I don't really worry about which side I'm on :)

  • Walk on the right side to keep her away from on coming cars, and same goes with puddles if you have to walk through a puddle the guy is the one who takes the hit from it, because well we are men and a little bit of water on our shoes isn't going to kill us, now if a chick has to do that she might think it is worse than death to get her shoes wet.

  • the left to protect against muggers?

    what difference does it make? they can still come from the right...

  • I give her a piggy back ride to protect her from mass floods.