What does a heartbreak feel like?

I saw my mom go through a heart break and it was terrible... just awful. worst year of my life..
first time i actually seen my mom scream to the top of her lungs in emotional pain.

i've never been heartbroken
but i did have a crush still do
and i saw her get a boyfriend, i se their posts on instagram everyday
watching them spending time together, kiss, and falling in love basically while its over here tearing me to shreds
and i know if i feel this bad over a crush getting a boyfriend
what in the world would i feel if she cheated on me or something with him
and found out she loved him more than me


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  • It's actually extremely painful. Physically. For some reason you feel the pain in your heart. Literally. Like the feeling you get when you cry for 5 hours straight but its like that all the time. Like you almost can breathe, you're constantly choking up. Its the worst shit ever. You feel deep anguish, you feel as though you'll die. Although nothing hurts like the first time.

    • Now I'm afraid

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    • I'm just scared of the feeling
      In my heart
      I don't know if I could take it

    • Some people can't to be honest and that's ok too.

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  • it feels like something you never realized you had being torn from your body and you feel you can't possibly live without it.

    In case your wondering, i learned that the best way to deal with heartbrake is to never fall in love in the first place. It can't break you if it doesn't exist. but thats just me

    • im scard to

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    • yeah, she does look pretty happy..

    • alright, then be happy for her. you dont have to like it but if you want her to be happy, and she is happy. then you should be happy. A little confusing, i know but the thought helps.


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  • When it's a true heartbreak (from real love; not infatuation), it literally feels like your heart is being ripped out. Your heart literally hurts. I've lost a parent at a young age. The grief of a heartbreak was almost as bad as that.

  • It's like having your heart torn out of your chest and ripped apart. It hurts a lot, it can cripple you.

    • it can actually like seriously physically harm and or cripple you

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    • oh i was asking i didn't know it could

    • Oh, yeah it can. Like with depression, you can see the physical aspects of a mental disease on your body after a while.

  • It's indescribable really.

    You just feel so overwhelmed with lots of different emotions, you feel such despair... as though you are descending into an abyss with no way out. You feel as though you can't breath , and your heat aches with emotional pain and grief.

    • That's the type of feeling that doesn't even make me want to love

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    • Okay. You could tell me on this opinion when you do post it , and i will look out for it !! think it will be a popular question.

    • Maybe I don't know

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  • Heartbreak?

    Well, I have no idea. I have always been single, I have never had friends, I have never had a heartbreak so I have no idea how it feels like..

  • Very close to heartburn.