Why choose boyfriend/girlfriend over family?

I don't get this, and I don't know why my sister does this all the time.

I mean, she is always dating someone that my parents disapprove.

my guy's ex was disapproved by his dad and he continued to date her until she cheated on him numerous times.

my sister's ex was not approved by my parents, and he cheated on her numerous times and also used her just for sex, money and attention (same to my guy's ex, she just used him too).

why don't kids listen to their parents

granted my guy was 17 when he ran off to live with his ex and so was my sister

but now my sister is 22 and she is dating another guy that my parents disapprove and she still won't listen...

children these days! I mean I"m not a hypocrite, when I say this I did not date anyone until I was 24 and I made sure he was educated, had a a career and was not a man whore etc. and trustworthy with morals... why are kids so stupid some times? I mean they are not kids anymore and still date losers... well I guess this is the same question always asked on here... why do girls date losers? I don't know.

the important thing to me is, if my parents are not convinced he is right for me, and in the end he isn't... then I'd lose my parents and him. That would suck. I mean I'd rather lose him then lose him and my parents. Family is everything to me.


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  • i agree with you on the "making sure he is (fill in the blank)" part. most kids just get stuck in the rebellion stage and like to do that to their parents in different ways whether its through the relationships they have, the music they listen to, movies, style, behavior, etc.

    other times it is because some girls really are into the loosers. I met a girl who actally looks for bad guys because they "mess around with girls" because theyre fun. and she also said she likes their attitude of being rude to people besides their girlfriend. which I find... interesting but very bewildering. I mean COME ON you're asking for some kind of abusive relationship, possibly pregnancy and STI's (Sexually Transmitted Infections).

    i don't understand this to the slightest bit and probably never will but if that's what she wants then that's what she wants.

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      maybe you're right. the rebellion stage... I guess it never wears off.

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      the rebellion stage is supposed to be a part of growing up and finding yourself (which is partly good as long as it doesn't involve subsance/alcohol abuse). sadly some people don't realize that temporary rebellion turns into immaturity once you get past a certain age and can be expressed through rebellion.