If he's in love with me, then why was he so willing to let me go so easily?

why was he so willing to let me go so easily? maybe not to be dramatic about it? he was depressed looking, but it was surprising how easy it was for him.

we had already been having sex. we were together for 5 years and going on our 6th in abour 4 and a half months, give or take. I told him we should go our seperate ways because I was going to be leaving for my job. it entitles me to be moving ever 6 months to a year and I wouldt really have time to see him. it wasn't easy for me I just know it was for the best. I'm a little confused as to why it was easy for him? or maybe he just made it seem that way?



Most Helpful Girl

  • because sometimes when we love someone we feel they are too good for us and they deserve better so its easy to let them go, in hopes they find someone they deserve.