He says he loves me - then why does he hurt me?

I really love my boyfriend.we been together for 9 months in a long distance relation before which we were friends for 4 years (best friends). He knew everything about my dating and my previous relationship. And now he uses all the mistakes I did with my ex to put me down in our relation. I try my best to not let my past come up between us but he just keeps doing it again and again. He says I'm manipulative ! I don't know what to say most of the times I keep quite when he screams at me and calls me horrible names ! I love him. He takes my silence as guilt and if I answer him back he calls me a manipulative selfish chic who doesn't care about his frustrations. I'm just so helpless ! I love him but at times I feel like going away from him,because he just makes me feel guilty for things I don't do intentionally and manages to convince me that I did something purposely when I don't even think of it.

He doesn't let me share my problems with him and when I ask him to share his he says I'm incapable. Why is he even being with me?

Is it possible to treat someone you love this way? I mean it's OK if he didn't care I love him and I was in pain but doesn't he remember he loves me how can he see me crying and begging him to stop and still think I'm a bitch.


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  • woah its like me too...everytime I get sad I get alll quiet and I really want my space so I lock myself in a closet so he can't see me...and he ends up getting p*ssed cause I'm giving him the "silent treatment" when in my mind I just wanted space

    then he tell me if I want to break up cause I'm always throwing a hissy fit...why would I be p*ssed if he didn't do something? its because he did and he doesn't even know it

    then he starts to yell at me and always say its about me and he's always the bad guy...

    that when I'm mad I don't talk to him...and when he's p*ssed, I get p*ssed because he doesn't tell me what's going on

    so its like not matter what nothing is good enough for me

    the next day when he's still sleeping I just write it out on word and tell him what happened

    its easier than arguing for me cause he can't yell back and hurt my feeling or make me cry anymore than I did

    i always always tell him that I don't beleive him when he tells me he loves me and he cares...but he always told me that he does and he can't really show it because he got use to being a jerk cause all his ex didn't give a crap about him when he was affectionate and he doesn't wanna get hurt even if he knows I really love him...so he is trying little by little

    and he told me that if he didn't love me why is he still with me going through all the hissy fits...it would be just easier if he left! he just wants things to work and as soon as he changes a btit he knows its gonna be better for both of us

    • Im pretty sick of this reason guys give if I didn't love you why would I take your fights ! well if we don't love them we would too leave and never look back,not spend nights crying to ourself !

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    • Write to them lol that way he can't argue back and if he does...youd be ready for it :p

      like literally write how you feel about everything :(

      everythings gonna be okayyyy...you can work it outt :D

      nothing can make it worsttt

    • I just feel I'm falling back in depression. I've been in bed for days and I'm not able to eat. I wish e do just see what pain is .... Of being helpless. Writing o him doesn't help he says he gets sick of reading long letters.