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He didn't call me for over a month, so why would he call now?

I started seeing this guy in October. We had excellent chemistry, immediately. His best friend is married to my best friend and we have known each... Show More

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  • It's not clear what he thinks of you, since you've never tried dating each other. He at least likes and respects you enough to call.

    I think that your "mutual friend" was running the show when you were previously interested in the guy, since he interfered with yours and your partner's communication by getting involved in your business.

    The choice to call him or to wait is yours, but if he's a known player, you may want to stay away from situations that allow him to play the game in autopilot mode (i.e. inviting him to your house). Just be careful not to make too many assumptions about how he feels or what he's thinking. If you want a relationship with him, take it one step at a time.

What Girls Said 1

  • the exact thing happened to me...(he was a player too) but you know what this guy whom I was dating had a girlfriend whom he was seein..so he didn't bother to call me...and aftr a month wen he was fed up of her he mrembered me...so I jus gav up oon him and asked him to stop ...callin me.. he said ok...but he called me the next week to say "i lov u" (that was jus to get me into the sack) and I thot id giv him a last chance...trust me...it was no use..i still feelt he mets othr gals ..so I finaaly gav up..im not sayin the same may hold true 4 u...but as I see the 1st half of ur story is like my past...hope the othr half is not... so learn fromothrs experience..try and test him that's all I can say

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