Why does he stand behind me?

My ex likes to stand behind me. Whenever we are standing in a group he stands behind me, or takes a step back so that he's never in my eye sight. What does that mean?


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  • Hmmm. Good question. From my perspective, he's standing behind you because that's what he's supposed to do, in like certain situations (ladies first). But I doubt its anything to think negatively about.

    Let's analyze. He could be:

    *standing behind you, so he can be supportive, put you first and foremost. Respect.

    *that's something he thinks makes you feel comfortable.

    *(joke) he's checking out the goods in the rear. Lol. (sorry. Had to. )

    ---or he could:

    *be uncomfortable standing next to you; does he not walk next to you when you walk down the street?

    *not want to stand next to you, because he doesn't really want to show he's with you in a crowd of people. (I've seen this before. It's a classic "I don't like pda. "

    *(joke) you smell funny. Lol

    I gave you two positive, two negative and I think you should take those, put them in your own words and ask him. It's good to be honest with one another, and obviously it makes you feel a certain way, so ask him. Of course he may be defensive about it, so make sure you don't bring it up while it's happening.

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      He could also just stand in the back because he's being protective. It's a primitive (not saying the guy is, but the action) thing to do, just watching out for you. It might be sweet depending on how he does it. =

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      I also notice that I misread the fact that's he's your ex. To put it simply, he either thinks that is how you want him to ask. Or he wants his distance from you anyways.