My girlfriend dumped me for her ex, who is a jerk. I don't understand?!

Why did she tell me how bad he is too he, but goes right back to him. Leaving holding the bag and a crushed heart. She also told me don't contact her. I am so confused.

The thing is I don't want to lose her as a friend. All I wanted is for her to be happy. I must move on with my life, and I know this. Unfortunately, on somedays I feel so stuck, I try my hardest not to think about her. But how do you forget about someone you've know for two years.


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  • She could have had unresolved feelings for him and settled for you in a rebound, and realized you weren't what she wanted. :/ That sucks so bad, I'm so sorry she did that to you.

    • Thank you for that. The weird thing is I knew her long than he does. So now I've lost my girlfriend, and losing one of best friends.

    • It's not worth it. All I can advise you to do is to stay away from dating girls who are emotionally distressed/getting over a breakup. I have been in that vulnerable position before, settling for 2-3 month relationships with guys because I was so desperate for love and acceptance (some treated me well, others didn't) and I do feel guilty about it.

    • Thanks for BA. Stay strong. :)

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  • Did he brain washer her into thinking YOU were the jerk instead of him? Give it a month or so and see what happens

    • It's been a month already. She still don't want to talk to me. Just to keep him happy. (well that's what I think)

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    • No. she didn't but I do believe it because of him and his jealousy towards me.

    • The guy needs to get a life

  • ask her and move on

    • I would, that's if she's willing to answer me.

  • leave it that way and move on with your life :)

  • Pretty similar to my situation with an ex, after the break up he's gone back to his exes right away! Basically I was just a rebound after all.

  • Lol you were a rebound

    • I guess you do the same thing to guy as well. You are cold.

    • You don't know me. I was just stating the obvious

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  • She's definitely the girlfriend for you. You're just used as a rebound.

    • Thanks for that comment, but can you explain. I do understand the rebound part.

  • dude you are temporary/rebound to her,they probably had a fight and got split or she has lied that he is not her boyfriend now things are cool she has gone back to him and it shows she doesn't value you much,that's the story, in fact I've gone through the same thing,my best advice is to you start dating girls and choose the one who doesn't have baggage

    • They got into a fight over me and her relationship with me. I knew her way long than he did. But I agree with you.

    • and when she has to pick a side,she chooses him over you,and it shows where you stand in her life,that's nowhere,she knows you are push over and she pushed you aside,you just don't let it bother you and start dating and I am sure you will find someone to be with

  • Well, you sound like a nice guy. And there's your problem. Most women are drawn, almost irresistibly, to bad boys, and for good evolutionary/Darwinian reasons.