10 Signs He's A Player

I believe it’s safe to say, that a many of us have encountered one or more players in our past. If you haven’t had the “pleasure” of meeting one yet or think you’re talking to one. Here are a few signs to keep you aware that he’s probably playing you and other girls. This could save you from a broken heart and several nights of crying yourself to sleep.

1.He’s calling or texting after 11 and 12 pm
There are 24 hours in a day, if he really liked you he could have chosen a better time just to say hi. After 11pm are the usual “booty call” hours, which means he just wants to sleep with you. You might think it’s cute, he was thinking about me, how sweet of him. Well not really, because you probably aren’t the only one he’s texting or calling at that time.
2.He has way too many girls that are friends
If he has more girls that are friends then guys we have a problem. Typical players like getting around, talking to more than one female at a time. If a lot of girls know who he is, chances are that he’s received the title of being a player by now. Which is a huge red flag, stay away from him!
"He’s a smooth talker, knows what to say when you’re mad, upset, or down."
3. He knows exactly what to say
In other words he’s a smooth talker, knows what to say when you’re mad, upset, or down. He’ll make you feel special that you’ll believe his words and you will trust he’s a “nice guy”. By this time he basically has you wrapped around his finger, and will control your emotions.
4. Talks too much about physical things with you
If he doesn’t talk about it directly, he will take it along those lines. Wishing you were with him in his room or yours etc.
5. They act like the sweetest person in the world
When you two talk you feel like he’s the greatest person in the world. He’s everything you’ve been looking for in a guy. That’s just an act don’t believe it, it’s not worth the pain later on. This leads me into numero seis(#6)…
6. Acts different around his friends
He either forgets who you are in front of his guy friends or acts like the biggest d***. This is usually when the real him comes out, he doesn’t give a crap and will not speak to you.
If neither of these is the case, he gives you a hug in front of his boys. This is a sign of him showing them, “hey guys, this is the next victim”.
7. They are cocky and over confident
I’m going to sound like stereotype but I’ll take it, majority of player do come from an athletic background. Whether they play football, basketball, baseball, soccer etc. Guys like these are knows as jocks, most are cocky as it is and know they can get the girl they want. But players over do it, they know they can get with as many girls as they want.
8. He’s not interested in your life
Sure he ask how your day was and stuff like that, but does he really care?. I think not. They make it seem like they do, when in reality they could care less. They just want to get to the point and see if you’re willing to sleep with him or not.
9. You have to be the one contacting him
So, he use to text you 24/7 right? But then it stopped do you wanna know why that is..Best guess is he found another female that’s going to keep him company. If you’ve already slept with him chances are he’s not coming back since you gave him what he wanted. If he does come back he’s just coming back for more. But who’s going to give into texting first you or him? If you have not had sex with him, he’s realized you’re not going to and has forgotten about you. Which means by now that you have developed some kind of feeling for him, and you’re going to try to get his attention back.
10. Finds an excuse to avoid hanging out
They aren’t looking for a commitment, so they will come up with anything to stop being seen in public with you. Unless he’s really that good at his game that he knows by the end of the night he’s getting some.
Gogus olculeri

These are just some signs to know in case you find yourself talking to one. Please don’t think you’ll be the one that changes him, I got news for you. You’re not going to change him; chances are he’s going to break you before you do that. If you still wanna go ahead and think you will, go ahead but good luck.


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  • I possess most of these, and i have never been a 'player'

    Also, I think the term is pretty much voided if women showed greater wisdom in the qualities in men they go for.

    But, i guess it is always easier to play victim than it is to face up to bad choices

  • i1127.photobucket.com/.../...f.com-add-text_15.gif HAHAHA You caught me (somewhat) I must admit that I'm guilty of every one of those things but #6, #10 #4. Since I've never gotten on the phone before 8pm for as long as I can remember (ofc there have been times, but not when it comes to talking to girls at least). I"m not interested in ___ life either, I'm cocky or bold and I definitely know what to say to ____ to make her feel good again LOL

    I said somewhat because I'm not a player though somwhow... but this take was spot on LOL

  • player? ... the appropriate word for them is man whore.. or man slut



    • Men who never plan to settle down are low quality men. Any smart woman would always keep her options open to avoid the risk of ending up with a man like YOU ;). Just saying.

    • They have higher self-esteem than those that can't even get one female, that's for sure.

  • Then I must be an MVP ;)

  • Why everything that always point at us as gents what about females , and the worst part about them they are not as innocent as we thing am I right or wrong?

  • few good and obvious stuff

  • I dont agree with every single point. Some guys are genuinely nice, we dont all play women. Otherwise, good shit

  • i would hate for women to talk about this..in this manner because you forget the one thing a player is good for sex...women even though I didn't wanna say it is you guys play harder with this friendzone thing is an excuse for playing guys and turning them into fairys boys..atless a playe will give you something but being a girls friend and being teased for your whole life thinking your getting to her heart is the biggest game of all for you ladies

  • Can someone make an article about the female player? I think that would be more interesting to read. Most of things mentioned in this are obvious. When it comes to girls, deception is a little harder to figure if they are elite.

  • I mostly agree with bersaba, and mostly disagree with the article.

    N# 4, 8, 9 and 10 can be signs that he is a player, but the rest... nah.

    I basically have no experience, and I can assure you that I had opportunities that I preferred not to use... (or, "exploit", in my opinion).

    Yet, # 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 10 are exactly who I am. I could've been 7 too if I wasn't a really shy guy. That leaves 4, 8 and 9 as really "player" characteristics. (I decided that 10 is not really the case either.

  • Here's 5 real signs he's a player.

    1: You find him sleeping with someone else

    2: You hear him talking on the phone and he says "baby, honey, yeah I'll come over with the condoms"

    3: He says "I've been sleeping with your sister"

    4: 3 different people in the same day come up to you and say "He's a player, I was with him last week"

    5: He gets genital warts, and it's not from you.

  • -----OR-----

    1: He works as a nurse and his shift just finished @11pm.

    2: Again, he's a nurse, and a larger percentage of his friends are females because he works with them.

    3: Maybe he's been trained at university in verbal communication, say, during a nursing degree.

    4: -Skipped-

    5: Maybe he's just nice

    6: Who the hell acts the same around everyone? We ALL act differently around different ppl.

    7: So confidence = inferdelity.

    8: -Skipped-

    9: Could have ran out of credit?

    10: Legit reasons?

  • I can't agree with this article at all. I'm 20 and still a virgin. I have a lot of girl friends but never dated any of them. Don't have a lot of guy friends as they tend to be a little annoying and like to itemize their women and growing up with two sisters, I can't stand that.

    Sounds like you have had a couple bad run ins and had similar instances with both. But I do agree with some of the points but 97% I dont.

  • Some of these are wrong.

    2) I have a lot of female friends. Has nothing to do with being a player. They wouldn't want to be my friend if I was one...

    5) Not true. If I like a girl I will be sweet, as long as she is sweet to me. If he agrees with EVERYTHING you say however, and never disagrees with you ever, he's probably a player...

    8) Sometimes a guy does care.

    10) He doesn't like you, but he doesn't want to hurt you by telling you so. Move on.

    You're a little too paranoid.

  • To be honest a lot of these describe me...

    but my last 3 relationships were 17 months, 14 months and 8 months?

    how is that being a player?

    i disagree

  • girls are too DUMB! to identify 'PLAYERS'

    sorry but thts the way it is!

    i don't think this article is any helpful

  • ~80% of the time girls get played, it's because they're sexually easy. If they weren't, then most players would bail to find someone easier. If girls waited several months after the start of a relationship, they would avoid most players. Girls should also follow (7), since ~90% of extremely confident guys are faking confidence, and if they'll fake the start of a relationship, they'll fake the rest. Lastly, follow (4). If girls do this, they will be hard to play.

  • It's a sad truth, but it's 110% true. That being said, there are exceptions as per everything, so don't go breaking up or ignoring or friend-zoning a guy because he has some traits that are mentioned in this article, there are some genuine guys out there, rare but there.

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 are not true. Please do not read too much into this article ladies- I like #8 though. Some of these might be true some of the time, but there are SOO MANY ways to disprove all of these, so to take maybe 5/10 of these and classify someone as a "player" is completely invalid.

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  • scontent-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/.../...08783907643_n.jpg

  • Not Paranoid Thomas..just real

    in regards to your comments.

    1.)Apperantly you don't know how players play in general..and your apperantly missing the point,They pretend to be something they are not!.

    2.)Once again they pretend they are something their not!

    3.)Or sometimes a Guy really DOESN'T care,

    4.)He should man up and grow a pair and tell you straight up he doesn't like u.

  • Lol..whatever dude get off me..this article ain't even for u!!.unless you like that type of thing?

  • Most of girls of the back can tell what kind of guy they are dealing with.these are signs that players I'VE delte with shown ME...compared to question I've read on here it's pretty similar.

  • 6d

    Whoever wrote this article seems very bitter and unhappy!! I feel like this, as an adult you should know within the first few weeks if that person is someone you would like to continue on with or if you need to drop them quicker than Kim K. did Chris Humphreys!!

  • OMG THIS !!! 👏👏👏

    So if a guy is the opposite, is there a chance he genuinely likes you?

  • Another sure sign is that he won't let you leave marks on him, like a hickey...

  • Agree with most of them expect 5. I believe some guys are genuinely nice..

  • I agree but 3 isn't necessarily true. There are some very perceptive guys who just have that type of empathy. But I do agree with the rest.

  • yup i agree my ex was also a player

  • I agree with those ten signs. My ex was a player it took me a while to realize that. Great article by the way

  • Cant believe how many of these I could relate my friend that I thought had "feelings" for me too..i guess now I know what happened.

  • thanks you really opened my eyes on things

  • Thanks for this 10 signs he's a player type. It is quite accurate!

  • # 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 are SOO true!

  • I don't think the point of this list was to make everyone evaluate their special someone and yell "OH SHIT HE'S A PLAYER!" I think it's to say the TYPICAL signs of a player, and make sure that women be a little more leary of men with many of these attributes. it's not supposed to freak everyone out.

  • So true!!!

  • Its so confusing...i don't agree with all but no 1 , 9 , 2 that's it.

    i have seen nice guys doing the rest ...so don't agree..

  • :'( I'd never play with someone like that...

  • I don't see how anyone would be offended by this. A lot of this is truth. In order to use this type of guide I'd say half of these signals (or more) would have to be occurring at one time. If these signs are happening but the guy isn't a player. You don't want him anyway. If a guy displays only one - or few of these signs. It doesn't necessarily mean anything.

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