Why Girls Only Like Muscular Guys

Have you ever wondered why that girl rejected you for that buff jock? Or why girls sometimes just won't speak to you? The reason is because you are not muscular and if you choose not to become muscular, then you are going to have a much harder time getting women. Here are the reasons why the majority of women want a guy who has some meat on him.

1.) Sexy

The majority of girls and women out there prefer a guy who is more muscular because they find that sexy. Girls have always love the built, muscular look for generations. There are of course, the minority of women who enjoy someone who is skinny or fat, but very few do. It's simply logical for the girl to want a guy who is muscular because it shows that they are healthy and active.

2.) Comfort

When girls cuddle up with a guy, they want the guy's body to feel like a pillow. They don't want a bony guy that is hard to rest their heads on and they don't want a fatter guy because they would find it unsexy (which ties back to my first point). They want to rest their heads on a guy's muscles, it's their dream pillow.

3.) Showing off to their friends

When girls get together with a guy who is muscular, it becomes an achievement to go and talk about with their friends. Kinda like how if a guy talks to a hot girl it becomes an achievement. It's less of an achievement for a skinny or fatter guy.

4.) Good in bed

For some reason, girls and women alike have the delusion that muscular guys are all good in bed. I believe that it stems from the comfort factor because a guy with more meat isn't going to be as painful as a bony guy, and the fatter guy is slower when in bed. That is the belief for a lot of these girls/women.


If you aren't muscular, i'd suggest that you start going to the gym, otherwise you won't get much results with women. You can always try because there are going to be some girls who don't care, but just know that a lot of girls do. For me, I don't even bother talking to girls because I'm a skinny 123 pound dude. I'm 18 and I've been working out since I was 16 and I'm still skinny. My plan is to just wait until college and when my metabolism slows down, then I will gain some weight. If you are fat, you have it a lot easier. As I like to say, it's easier to turn shit into diamonds than turn nothing into diamonds, so get to that gym. As for me, I am fucked until college so I will just wait until then. Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave whatever comments down below and I will try to get to them.


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  • *is a woman*
    *is not dating a muscular guy*
    *has never dated a muscular guy*
    *has never met a woman in my life who thought being muscular was mandatory*

    Methinks you didn't apply any logic to this mytake. I think this reeks of personal bias. Does being physically fit make you appealing to a larger group of people? Sure, in a lot of cases it does, but not every woman desires a muscular guy the same way not all men like skinny women. There's chubby chases in all shapes and sizes. It just seems like this mytake could have benefited from a little more thought, effort, and a bit more logic. You could have made a better point had you done that.

    • You. Not. Hu. Man. You. Talk. Ro. bot. Like. Me. Find. In. Truder. Me. Real. Hu. Man.

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    • @Chico_brah My thoughts exactly. Lol.

    • No lol that's not me

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  • Lol dude u saying u are working out like 2 years but still no shit. First of all everyone can do it, ofcourse there are some lucky guys who have good genes but there are also other guys who need to put much effort in their work. I know guys who were skinny AF, it was like If I punch em' they will lay on the ground but then with good workout and nutrition program these guys became buff as fuck right now.

    You sound like ectomorph person which means ur metobolism is too fast, so u need to get so much calories u should stick with programs and be careful thats how u can reach ur goal.

    • Not everyone can do it. If I were to be able to gain weight, I'd be buff as hell right now. I got all my cuts and I'm really toned out but that's all I am, toned out

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    • @Prochto Aha.. wb dude, Rus hatunlari nasΔ±l goturuyomusun 3-5 ? :D

    • @Jan1ssary_ Thats not like in Turkey people think xD


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What Girls Said 31

  • 1. A guy that has a body like crumpled aluminum foil turns me off actually. I prefer my guys to look kind of average, I want what's on the inside to stand out to me the most, everything else is fleeting.
    2. Muscles are just as uncomfortable as bones, who would want to sleep on a muscle pillow? I would feel awkward cuddling with a guy who looks like he could crush me if he sneezed. The skinnier and smoother he is, the easier it is to get tangled in him.
    3. I don't surround myself with shallow people, and I try not to be shallow myself, so the guy doesn't have to be a trophy I use for leverage
    4. Being good in bed has to do with communication and compassion, both a marshmallow and a pretzel stick can get it done, it has nothing to do with how you look while doing something

    I think girls that do associate muscly guys as exclusively having certain qualities that any guy can have are doing it because it traces back to biology and social conditioning. But the thing is, a guy that looks strong is not always strong on the inside, cannot always protect, cannot always produce. Look for a guy who is strong and gentle, not for a guy who can lift a truck because those are two different things. Look for a guy you're compatible with, not a prize to prove your worth, or an excuse to not have to be strong for yourself, because if you're with someone because of your insecurities or a sense of incompleteness you're just going to cause and receive pain.

    • Uh muscles are very comforting. Bones are hard it's like sleeping on a rock. You can be strong on the inside, but if you are aesthetic and can lift a truck I'll be damned if a crowd of women don't surround him.

  • I wouldn't want a guy like that. Some fat is way better for hugging, resting your head on etc. There is also no correlation between being muscular and being in bed. I don't care whether my friends find my guy attractive as long as I do I'm good; there's no need to show him off.
    If I were with a worked out guy, I'd feel self conscious about my on body. I'd feel pressured to work out, which I absolutely hate. I'd take an average guy with maybe a bit more muscle over this any day.

    • So your own insecurity is why you wouldn't date a guy in great shape?

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    • komplekcnaya cuka bliad xD

    • The (other) thing about the guy in the picture, is 'he's all man'. Which may sound good on the surface. But to cultivate some feminine aspects as well as masculine would make him an all round person, more interesting, less fallen into the trap of extremes. More aesthetic even :) So I don't think that top guy something is to aspire to at all. It's too boorish, to express my point clearly.

  • This is such BS, and obvious trolling. I used to go out with someone with a "great" body - he had the whole six pack/muscles thing, but he got so arrogant about it. He didn't have that Kind of body when I met him, then he started working out more, and he DID look sexy at first, but the more buff he got, the more full of himself he became. I like to workout, but I don't think I'm better than people who don't. The more someone's attitude changes that way, the more unattractive a person becomes. It ruins it all.
    My partner now isn't fat by any means, but he does have a tummy. He also has muscles because he lifts weights and boxes, but he loves his food. He eats a lot. My mother made a comment to me the other day that he is getting a little bit "fat" , but he's the sexiest person in the world to me.
    When we took a break from our relationship and i was single, I wasn't attracted to any six packed guy. I find it kind of off putting to be honest.
    I did get incredibly attracted to someone, who just had a "normal" guy's body. Not fat not, skinny, just normal. I still felt like I might spontaneously combust everytime he got near me!

    • It's not bs because it's the truth. Muscles gets the door open. The personality stuff comes after you show off your flashy muscles. Most girls say that they want a average man to not sound like they are picky when it comes to picking their men, when in reality most girls will get their panties soaking wet over a guy who is aesthetically pleasing.

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    • HAHAHAAHHAHAHAAHAH, this comment will only encourage muscular men and make beta males feel inferior if you can infer the lines to any degree. Just demisexual Amorphism.

    • Interesting read

  • Guys don't listen to this. Girls are not just going to bolt for the muscular chiseled dude. The main reason why women see muscles as attractive is because they provide comfort for both her and the kid she might want to have someday. Also muscular guys just have a lot of confidence. The guys in the films and sports, they are trained to look like that on purpose. I normally do prefer a muscular guy at first. But I really look for a good personality. Someone who is kind and friendly and funny and someone who is comfortable with themselves. I have a crush on a guy who is pretty thin, not a lot of muscle, but I like him because he's fun to talk to and super friendly. So just work on all aspects of yourself. Don't change yourself, do things that make you feel confident in yourself. This goes for guys and girls. Yes you should be working out and going for a run, not to get that desired look, but to feel good about yourself. Find a hobby or sport your passionate about. Smiling more and acting like you don't care what others think of you is what gets people's attention. So be yourself, but also
    enhance the things that make you, you.

    That's all, carry on. :) and be your best self

    • You just said that you prefer muscles at first, which means muscles kick the door open. That's my point, you can be as charismatic as you want but you need something to kick the door open to allow the girl to see such qualities.

    • Great opinion! Everyone wants a great, well rounded person :)

  • I've never been a fan of guys who are really muscular. As long as they are in shape, then its okay with me. I notice that my previous exes were on the skinny sid and thats okay too.

  • Sorry, but I like swimmer's build. Muscular guys in these photos aren't my type at all. Of course, personality is more important than anything, but if I had to choose, I'd pick swimmer's build every time.

    • Eh. I'd say swimmers body can classify as a muscular body. They may not be the body builder type but they are kind of that Hollywood built type. At least the swimmers I've seen.

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    • @Jamesol1 exactly. That only makes sense if he was already born with some muscle (mesomorph).

    • I bet he just cut weight. Girls don't realize that guys that are jacked mostly just have very low body fat.

  • Everybody should try to be healthy sure, but guys don't all have to be buff like the guy in that picture. What you're suggesting for guys is the same as telling all girls they have to have big boobs and tiny waist or they aren't worth bothering with. It's really mean and judgmental.

    My boyfriend isn't huge and built like that. He's pretty thin actually and runs a lot but he's still really hot in my opinion😊guys don't fall for this bullshit, personality is more important than looks no matter what the media or alpha male toolbags say

    • If that's so then why have countless men been rejected because they are either too unattractive, too skinny, or too fat? Girls are the choosers, they choose who they want to be with, not the men. That's why it's all up to if the girl rejects you or not to see if you will have a relationship with this girl. The majority of women do like the muscular type because Hollywood has poisoned them into thinking this is the best way to have a relationship.

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    • I'm sorry your just wrong. Physically attractive is nice sure, but it's not the most important thing by far. Personality matters more, and obviously you have a bad personality because you're trying to make up for it with muscles and it won't work out for you.

    • Who's to say that I have a bad personality? You don't know me. I believe I have a great personality but girls can't see that if I'm not musclar and handsome.

  • Muscles can be attractive but those guys are overly muscular, which is unattractive. I find most women are attractive to the "ottermode" body.


    Also muscles are not comfortable to hug.

    Plus girls do not only like muscluar guys, it's like saying guys only like girls with massive breasts.

    • I'm an ottermode. I'm an otter =/

    • They are comforting to hug, it's much like fat. The majority of women do like muscles just like the majority of men like boobs. Its something that will kick the door open.

  • Bahaha, this is pretty dumb. The guy I like is basically a stick. Sure men like Chris Pratt are attractive but he was attracted in Parks and Rec too.

    • Ok, but the majority of women get their panties soaking wet over Chris Pratt in Hollywood movies.

    • I first liked him in Parks and Rec, he was a little chubby but he was still hella good looking. It's all about the face in my opinion.

  • Not all girls though.
    I have one friend that's masculine and one isn't. The one that isn't masculine gets more girls.
    The guys guys I have dated isn't masculine and my boyfriend isn't masculine.
    Plus some of them are dicks. The way they act is terrible. I'm glad that my dad is a bodybuilder and a powerlifter because I had the chance to see what kind of person they are. As for my dad? He isn't a jerk and I have met a few nice ones but majority guys at the gym I go to are jerks.
    But you are right though because majority girls and women do, but they still like personality though and if he doesn't have it they won't be with him.

    • Yep. Muscles will kick the door open and personality comes through the door. Actually I haven't seen a mean buff guy they are usually pretty nice dudes, people think they are mean because they look mean.

    • That's good like I said I have met some nice ones as well, but the rest are dicks, I heard one of them say how they will only let a girl that's overweight give him a BJ. Things like that is uncalled for

  • Being fit and healthy is nice and I can appreciate it, no doubt. But I do prefer chubby guys. They're more fun for me! I wanna eat pizza and watch movies, not work out all the time. So chubby guys are very sexy to me personally. And they're good in bed too.

    • No one says you have to workout with the guy lol.

    • In my experience of dating gym bunnies, they want you to go to the gym with them.

  • I don't need muscular but I prefer slightly strong. He doesn't have to look the part, but secretly I like it if a guy is stronger than me.

    As muscular as that first pic is just unhealthy, that's not attractive to me. I like guys to be healthy and fit, not obsessed gym rats. Bonus points if he's fit because of hobbies like swimming or dancing, instead of from boring fitness training.

  • Simple: they DON'T.
    Get over yourself and get a life, little man.

    • lol I love house you said that muscles don't matter and then you go on and call me "little man". How mature of you. You just also contradicted yourself.

  • ... No.

    I go to the gym every day, and though a muscular body is nice, it's not mandatory AT ALL. What matters is whether we share the same interests, and whether he likes me for who I am or not.

    I don't think you can state things like that without even being a woman lol.

    PS : My two long relationships were with skinny guys who never lifted a weight in their life...

  • I'm not attracted to the whole muscle thingy and while attraction is definitely on my list, it is not even close to being on top. Which is why I can't date someone I don't know since what attracts me is the attitude to life in general. The ability to both goof off to the extreme and work fucking hard to pursue your dreams. We need to be friends first for that.

    Most guys I've ever crushed on were more skinny than muscular because which of my friends has time to go to the gym when we're all staying up all night to finish up homework in our pjs while making stupid jokes.

  • My last two boyfriends have all been fat, but noteciballt but not like where people mention it all the time, but j really do like chubby guys. That's what makes me feel good and secure.

    • Some girls do like chubby guys but a lot more like musclar men.

  • Not true. The guy I like has a dad bod. I love beards too.

  • I like muscular guys but I also like tall and slim guys - so they don't HAVE to be muscular.

  • I don't care. There are things matter more than muscles. Anyway, I wouldn't date a chubby guy.

  • i don't look for physical thingy, as long he is confident to his body that's all matter i don't care about if he got abs. what matters his personality and being a respectful guy

    • That was just pure chronic supa-dupa unbelievable biggest croc of epic BS.

    • So if some confident guy rolled over to you with a beer belly, wobbly arms and man boobs that bounced in a figure eight each time he ran, you wouldn't mind... we all know that's utter bs hahaha.

    • @Truthatanycost i don't care as long he is a cool person and nice to talk with, i don't judge people base on what they looked like, as long they are a good and respectful

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What Guys Said 29

  • Look dude, you can listen to what I have to say or not. It's up to you. I'm a steroid using 235 lb bodybuilder and I think I've pulled enough pussy throughout the years to know what I'm talking about.

    I think you envy guys who are muscular on an extreme level because you said you are a weak 123 pounds. Everything that you are saying is based on some type of napoleon complex. You are putting "muscular guy" life on an extreme pedestal and it's completely out of rational thinking given the tone in which you are typing it.

    That being said, I've lived what you are talking about first hand to some extent. Most women are attracted to a muscular and lean physiques. Not all, but most are. It will almost always make a guy look more attractive from a purely physical perspective.

    That being said, you're not recognizing that women's attraction is hardly ever just physical unless she is just looking to fuck for an hour. Even then... it's more based on emotion and how you can make her feel about you and herself. The bodybuilding forum community (the misc section) is filled with jacked as fuck dudes who can't get chicks save their lives.

    When I say I experienced a lot of what you said to a certain extent.. I'm recognizing that a lot of confidence came along in that process of building a physique. Chicks love confidence man. That's the sexiest trait a man can have. When you have a physique, it also says a lot positive things about your character such as self motivation, self discipline, and just being a go-getter. Again, attraction with women is almost always emotional.

    If an average physique dude was just as confident or more confident then he would be able to get just as many girls in a normal interaction. That eye candy factor is mostly relevant if you're going to club or an environment where your success is obviously dictated by your physical appearance.

    Being jacked will also get you more approaches for sure. In other words, it gets you in the door. But literally within 10 seconds upon introduction, you're in the same playing field as the guy with the average physique. That is, unless she is solely just looking at you as a piece of meat to fuck, and like I said, you still need to be able to make her feel a certain way since women are emotional beings.

    Jacked dudes will obviously have an advantage in approaching women who are seeking casual emotionless sex. That is a given. You are acting as if your biceps need to be "X" inches to get chicks though.

    • by the way you're 18 dude.. You have plenty of time to build a physique. If you're giving up already then you obviously aren't going to make it happen. It takes a while bro. Building a physique is dependent on consistently doing the right shit and the right time for an extended period of time. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

    • Exactly what I'm saying! Being jacked will get you into the door. Personality comes through that door later. You'll get more approaches and everything, and it's easier to approach with a smaller chance of rejection. Yes, your biceps need to be an "X" amount of inches to get girls because if you have tiny biceps then the girl won't be attracted to you. Hell yeah I envy guys who are jacked because they have it the easiest. I've been working out for OVER A YEAR and you would think I'd be jacked by now.

  • Damn, that guy with the Asian girls really hit the genetic lottery...

    Obviously being tall and muscular is beneficial, but I think facial probably aesthetics matters more, or at least as much.

    "I'm a skinny 123 pound dude. I'm 18 and I've been working out since I was 16 and I'm still skinny"

    Yeah, I can relate to that too. I don't think girls realize how much work is involved to get the type of bodies that the guys in those pictures have. Like if you were to compare a girl who has what the average guy believes to be a 10/10 body, to a guy who has what the average girl considers to be a 10/10 body, I guarantee the guy had to put A LOT more effort and time to achieve and then maintain that body compared to what the girl had to do.

    • Facial features matter but if you aren't blessed facially then you must resort to having a musclar body type to make it up. Or if you have both, girls will think you're a god.

  • Actually, lots of muscular guys are bad in bed because of steroids. But yeah, you're right. No doubt.

    And yes, not everyone chooses this life just to get girls, some guys just love doing this <3

  • Only gag girls say they don't. But in all honesty, women compare themselves with men they consider to be a "good specimen". They get insecure and think they won't measure for the musular type guy.

    It's not that women only want muscular men, but muscular men have more chances with women simply because skinny and average men look vulnerable, and easier to dominate, while fat men look lazy and sloppy. Muscular men give away an impression of being disciplined, high sex drives, motivated and focused. So they overshadow the other dudes.

    • You have to consider that most GaG girls are under 18 and don't really have any experience with muscular men.. so it's not that they're dishonest, it's just that they haven't learned to appreciate the physique yet, so instead they like the body of guys they crush on in school-- which are skinny teens with abs. When they get to college and beyond, they learn.

    • @NotJustAnotherGuy spot on. An 18 year old girl told me her 6' 130lbs boyfriend was just right for her. My 5'10" 230lbs said "I can literally shoulder press your boyfriend 15 times". She dumped him the next day lol!

  • I have some opinions on this matter. My friend described it like having muscles is like having big boobs or a big butt. It may get some attention and you may find it attractive but some may have some hang ups, like I'm sure we all know someone or maybe even ourselves thought what the sex would be like to be with a curvaceous woman (Scarlett Johansenn not jabba the hutt for those who abuse the term) or a buff guy.
    Could your manhood please someone with the extra padding? Would muscular Marcus go 120mph on your lady parts? Things like this.

    • Yeah, but the majority of us guys like boobs and asses. Just like the majority of women like muscular men.

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    • Another thing is girls for some reason compare themselves to anyone attractive and will at times date someone much lower than they get. They will bang a hot dude but they will low ball in the dating department. I never got it because how can you compare yourself to someone who is biologically different from you, unless you are a total blob. Like I wouldn't think an average girl with buff man would look like a terrible couple

    • That is weird. And kind of insulting if that's the reason she is dating the dude.

  • Hey op. For most guys, they can't get bigger because they're too weak to lift heavy weights. Work on your lower body. Squats, deadlifts, step ups, lunges, etc. Work on your core. When you have the strong base to work with, you will be able to lift more with the upper body. Feel free to pm me

    • There are a lot of people who are skinny and can lift heavy weights. I'm 123 pounds and I can dumbbell bench press 40 pound dumbbells and at my school, that's a decent amount. It's not the heaviest but it isn't externally light.

  • Look, if you want to become a lifter that's great. There are countless benefits in doing that, from being less prone to injury in paralell sports to preventing Alzheimer. But do yourself a favor and do it for yourself, not because women like it.

    People's preferences are so varied and instable that you'll go crazy trying to catch up with every trend.

    • Who's to say that I am doing it for women? I'm saying that women like this type of man.

  • Not true, I've seen fat guys get the hot chick over muscular guys because at the end of the day obliques look nice but a fat wallet and a good job looks nicer.

    • Yeah a fat wallet looks nice until she cheats on you with the musclar handsome guy

    • Still got dat money.

  • This topic is something I feel women will ALWAYS lie about saying they don't care, but they will immediately turn their head around for a buff guy with a shaped ass.

    Also muscular guys ARE better in bed (don't even joke bro) sex isn't just about laying on your fat back while a chick rides you, as most virgin men like to think it is like.

    • Exactly. Thank you

  • Although they might be more (physically) attractive, girls who (only) wants muscular guys are not looking for LTR (same for guys with the girls).

    I am a chub myself and not ashamed of being one, in fact, I find that most people who are 'muscular' are more cocky (not a good thing), but I am not saying that none of chub/fat people are cocky either.

    • Cocky can sometimes get girls too

    • Yes, but not good girls. I avoid being cocky at all cost and do not think it is a good way to get girls or make friends.

  • I disagree with this - I am a tall skinny nerdy fucker and I collected 500 matches on Tinder over 6 months

    Depends on the woman but most look at a lot more than just the size of one's biceps

    • Most want a guy with big biceps. They are lying if they don't.

    • I agree - but they also want a lot more than that

  • i believe you but truth is I don't care anymore maintaining a six pack is annoying
    just for girls
    ill stay regular like i am now and have girls like me the way i am

    • It's more than a six pack bud. Arms, chest, shoulders, back, and legs are needed to attract a girl too.

    • I've done exercise since I was 10 so yeah im tired i may not have the body i use to have but im still skinny and girls still like me

  • If you're going to invest that much time and effort in the gym, do it for yourself. You gotta want that change. Don't transform your body for the potential that someone else may be attracted to you in the future. You'll be much more satisfied if you set a goal and achieve it because you decided to hold yourself to a higher standard. If you bulk up and get ripped you'll find plenty of women that aren't into you because they like skinny guys.

    • But a larger majority like musclar men because they feel like they can break the skinny guy.

  • Well, I'm more skinny than muscular, yet I have no trouble dating women. I think that word "only" from the title is not appropriate. Nothing wrong with being muscular, because there's a lot of effort and commitment to achieve that, but I think there's no way that's going to help you if you have an ugly character.

    • It'll defiantly kick the door open.

  • I'm muscular and struggle with women.

    • You shouldn't be. All you gotta do is wear a shirt that exposes your muscles and go talk to them.

    • Maybe your too short? In Australia the average height is 5ft11 and height matters a lot to women so maybe you lost points.

    • @Mrwoo99 I am a bit short (5.8) yeah that is a bit a problem.

      @OP lol... no man my problem is when I open my mouth.

  • I'm not buff 185/75kg and I make heads turn. Why? I know how to dress and impress the shit out of girls. Meatheads don't get it as much as you think.

    • Ok, but then they will go off and sleep with a muscular guy.

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    • My dad is 65 he's still banging 20 year old girls and not thanks to money. You either have character or physique... well or both, but it seems like you have neither.

    • That's a bit weird that your dad is banging 20 year old girls... that sounds fetish like... of course I don't have a good physique I'm skinny and I've been working out for over a year... character don't mean shit unless the door is busted open

  • You missed some things:

    1. DISCIPLINE (to work out regularly)
    2. DRIVE (to have his body in great shape)
    3. CONFIDENCE (that he will be in great shape)

  • Having a handsome face is all you need. F muscles!

    • Sometimes that's whatcha need and sometimes girls are asking for a bit more.

    • If she asks for it then yes.

  • You forgot about a woman's love of power and money.

    • Yeah, until that handsome muscular guy comes through and cheats on the guy with power and money.

  • Why did you go Anon, if you're proud of being a "muscular" guy?

    • I'm not a musclar guy, didn't you read the bottom part...

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