Is it weird to hold hands on a second date?

I'm going on a second date with this girl on Thursday and I actually like her quite a bit. She's a good girl, unlike the girls that I normally date who I could have in bed by the second (if not first) date. Anyways, I held off on going in for a kiss on the first date because I didn't want to scare her off. I'm definitely going to go for the kiss at some point on this next date, but I was just wondering if it's weird to hold her hand. To me, this seems like more of a bf/gf thing. It's not typically my thing, but I want her to know that I like her. Help me out here ladies.


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  • Is say go definitely go for it. Girls are emotional beings and a hand held to a female is sweet, just like a forehead kiss is endearing (don't do that lol it is too soon)... You can be very casual about it or be corky - what ever fits your personality.

    I have notice an easy way is by perhaps acknowledging her hand wether "how small it is compared to yours" (jokingly of corse, or her jewelry she wears on her hand... That is an easy way to have the physical contact and then continue holding her hand.

    I would say hand hold before the kiss if it feels right (will probably comfort you).

    :) good luck !

    • Thanks for the response!


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  • I think kissing is more intense than holding hands so if you are ready to kiss her - you are ready to hold her hand.

    • Haha yeah. I guess I'm weird. Kissing isn't really a big deal to me. I'm not the hand holding type in general, but I like this girl. Thanks for the response!

  • Go for it dude

  • Stop comparing your relationship you have with this girl to other relationships. Comparison is death.


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