Is it too late to tell him how I feel?

He told me he liked me and has always liked me a year ago. He also said he sees me as wifey material. I said we should just stay friends. then i started getting feelings for him and he moved and i went back to school. I thought I could just get rid of the feelings but its been a year and i still have them. Im going to see him in a week. Do I tell him how I feel? is it too late? do you think he still feels that way?


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  • You need to more about him before you spill your guts. First, when he says "You're wifey material", you need to know if that was genuine, or something he says to all the girls. Then you need to know if he is in a relationship with someone. You shouldn't break apart his relationship with his current gf if he as one. If he is single, it is never too late. Just tell him, at the time, you weren't ready, or didn't realize what you had until it was gone. Good luck!


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  • How long will he be with you, how do you feel about long distance relationships, and are you okay with pressure to have sex if he's leaving soon?

    • im only seeing him for a week. is it worth starting something if were both away? And we have had sex before and its the best I've ever had

    • Well *I* would be open to a week of fun, closeness, and sex :)

      But you still have to consider the long term thing. And when you've figured out what you want, you need to talk to him and see if that works for him, so you've still got some thinking to do. If nothing else, it could be a good way to learn that long term relationships don't work for you (for whateverreason) :p

      But if you like him that much, my inclination is always "go for it" :)

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  • Start off by saying something about the past, near the time he told you he liked you, and then have short chat about it (make it something both of you remember) & then be like "oh, yeah, isn't that around the time you first said you liked me?" & then gauge his reaction to that. If he doesn't say anything like he has a girlfriend, then you can continue with something like "I've been thinking about that a lot lately.." & see what he says, and then just go for it!
    You never know if he still feels the same way until you just ask :3