4 month relationship, had some ups and downs... I was too needy, is it too late to fix it?

Ladies.. And I'm mostly interseted in the ladies take on this, but I'll also listen to men..

Briefly, I'm 46 and in decent shape, just getting out of a marriage of 18 years and not emotionally tied up with my ex-wife.. I met a girl who was 32 about 5 months ago, and we started out as friends "Friendzone" and after a few failed attempts I finally broke out of the friendzone (after we actually decided not to see each other anymore, she called me a week later and asked me to come get her)..

Anyway, we dated and she told me she was ok with "Friends with benefits" and didn't really want to call us "boyfriend and girlfriend" or in a relationship... After about 2 months of amazing times and sex, I fell for her.. I began to be needy.. I admit it, and she also told me I was being too needy (mainly in that I always wanted sex, and she would sometimes, especially when she was PMS, not want it at all).. moreover, I got a bit jealous of some of her "guy friends" and in a nutshell, made a few mistakes.. we were up and down for a month or so then about two weeks ago, her sister let her parents know about us, and her parents who are both minsters in a church, pressured her to not have sex with me.. so she told me, "I just want to be friends, no sex".. I told her I don't know if I can handle that, but after about 2-3 days I texted her and said, I'd be ok with being friends... my heart tells me otherwise by the way.. I'm not madly in love, but I am a bit infatuated, and part of me feels like this girl is way younger, and very attaractive and I don't feel I'm going to be able to land one like her again so easily.. plus, as a bonus, in bed we were a perfect fit, down to our prevesions!

So my question is this... Shall I remain friends with her? and try to again get out of the friends zone.. and this time be LESS needy.. give her more space, don't get upset if she talks to other guys, etc? Or shall I just tell her "I can't be just friends, call me if you change your mind, otherwise nice knowing you"

Even her sister told me I was being too needy, and a bit of a doormat.. I was always available for her, and broke a lot of the "rules" of being hard to get, mysterious, etc..

What to do?
Remain friends, and flirt, and slowly try to hook up with her...
Walk away, and tell her to call me if she changes her mind...
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Thanks, good answers... what if a part of me is just happy if I can get the friends with benefits for as long as I can get it? Is that bad?
4 month relationship, had some ups and downs... I was too needy, is it too late to fix it?
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