Does a hug mean more than a kiss hello?

The guy I'm seeing always gives me a big hug hello and I always feel like I connect so much more with him than a kiss hello... So I was just curious on people's opinions on hug vs. kisses hello :)


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  • hugs are always a good gesture to greet someone you like, also guys who like their friends greet n say bye doing so. I think kisses are kept high value if not done often. being addicted to kissing as a guy can also turn wrong as you might weird the girl out (kissing has no value for her then, it's like finding a 1ct[$] coin)

    • do guys get addicted to kissing?

    • I do. when there's a cutie I like and kissing her feels good I get it

    • Omg that's so cute I hope my guy is addicted to kissing me :)


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  • I wished I could hug someone more than I wish I could kiss that someone... hugs are more friendly and comforting, kisses are more intimate.

    • I feel like a hug has more emotional attachment to it...

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    • Haha, maybe I should just tell people that I want a hug then.

    • Most girls would be happy to give one :)

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  • I think it depends on the person and their culture.. if you feel it means more and you get more from it then a kiss then it means more :)

  • I think that's cultural, the placement of the kiss, the duration, etc, and the same goes for the hug, how long, placement of hands, etc

    • out of the most powerful kiss you have ever gotten and the most powerful hug, which was more powerful to you?

  • I love hugs!! They make me feel warm and cuddly especially from somebody I really adore!! :))