I played too hard to get for too long and now he's gone! Help?

How do I get him interested again? I have strong feelings for him. But I was trying to play the "game" to win him over!! I realized too late he was actually already interested in me.

Hi. I did it because it made me feel wanted and special. What I didn't know was that he was liking me in spite of the games! sigh. And I thought it was the games that was drawing him in. If that makes sense.


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  • All these games. So annoying.

    You have little chance of making him interested again. Every time you played your little games he thought "ooh crap, not this bs again. Alright, I'll give her one more chance to prove that she really isn't like this". And finally he just thinks, screw this, it's not worth it.

    Every time a girl plays such games a piece of the attraction dies. Maybe such things work when you are fourteen but eventually you grow tired of such games and want someone genuine who doesn't waste your time playing mind games.

    You will probably come across as flaky and all this hot and cold stuff if you all of a sudden stopped all these games and become genuine with him. He will probably just think this is another of your games.

    • thank you for your comment. Everything you said is exactly what I suspect is happening now. :( I might have to chalk this up as a lessoned learned. Is there anything I could do to turn it around at this point?

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    • Well, eventually you can explain all this to him. You can explain that your behaviour was due to insecurities and that you felt that perhaps the real you wasn't good enough for him so you felt the need to spice things up but failed miserably.

      You don't have to start with this and be all apologetic but I think this will be a part of him regaining his trust in you and you will feel you get this of your chest. A step towards becoming your genuine self.

    • Yes, I hope I get the chance. Thank you again!


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  • why did u play hard to get. just tell him how u really feel about him and explain the situation to him. those games are annoying.

    • oops My update was supposed to be a response to you...

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    • so how did you gf tell you when you were too unavailable without seeming needy?

    • just be straight. don't play games.

  • Well, you just learned a valuable lesson about mind games. They don't work and most men will just move on.

    • that's for sure. and he's still gone. looks like there is nothing I can do now except learn this lesson.

  • This is hilarious, this is why women or men shouldn't play games.

  • Who wants to play games! Grow up if he is interested pull your head out of your ass quite being stuck up like some old chicken. Let him pluck your feathers

    • hahaha You're absolutely right!

  • that's why I don't play those mindgames anymore. you go more wrong then right

    • yes, that's for sure. so you used to play them but not anymore? did you get the girl in the end?

    • I could have had sex with them but all in one playing the game made the girl see me as another person and I wanted a relationship so I didn't take advantage to get laid and instead got dumped after being as I am, the thing is they tought I were a confident guy who can just swap a girl out if he doesn't want her anymore and if they are attracted to my fake behavior then it won't last long. I still use to get douchey for a moment and see how a girl reacts towards it, if she likes it I know it's going to be bad for me

    • yeah we all might as well just be ourselves! I'm not ever going to play those games again.

  • Women usually know within the first 15 seconds if they like a guy. It's pretty much the same for men (granted it's probably based on looks). Playing games, are for players

  • That is the whole problem with girls playing hard to get. Guys see it as rejection and they move on.

    • but he saw through the games, so he didn't take it as rejection, I don't think in my case...

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    • well, I sent the message to him but it shows he never even opened it! he's either completely disregarding me or something happened to him :( damn, I guess I will never know :( lesson learned!!

    • Maybe he hasn't had a chance to log on. Give it more time and see what happens.

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  • Some guys, sweetie, Deserve to be treated like they need to climb up a tree and Fight to grab the juiciest apple at the Top. This guy, with his own disposition of Being----was liking me in spite of the games. And in spit of your head 'Games,' he still hung on there, but somehow you most likely got carried away with the Chase And now are crying a bushel of tears.
    Yes, it 'makes sense,' but All may not be lost. This is one of the few rare gems who didn't need a lot of being put on your pay no mind list.
    The most you can do to perhaps get him back into the running, is have a talk with him, explain yourself, and invite him to hang out some nite.
    I agree there are guys out there who Get what they have coming when it comes to playing their own Games, but this one was probably a Keeper in his own right. To Play it safe from now on, just go light and semi sweet until you find out if they Appear to be this Bad Adam's Apple.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for understanding! I was trying to see what kind of person he was. And through all of that, I found out he saw right through my games and thought it was cute at first. But I did get carried away with it and he grew tired of it. Now look where I'm at :( I hope he will give me a chance again. But I'm having my doubts. I can't blame him. Which makes me want him even more!! Omg what did I do! I feel sick.

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    • wow! that is a lot. thank you for sharing all that. And I hope you're right. I won't make the same mistake twice.

    • We all live and learn by our mistakes... Just one of life's little lessons.. I'm fine, thank you:)) xx