How to make him feel more comfortable around me (he's shy)?

So he's not shy around other people, just me.

He's admitted it's because he likes me :) I personally think it's cute and like him so much.

We aren't official yet, and we've been taking our time.

It took him 5 dates to hold my hand :P

And we kissed on our 6th date.

He told me last week that I'm pretty and I make him shy. So how do I make him feel more comfortable?

People have said I'm a really nice, approachable person. So I'm not sure how I can get him to come out of his shell around me.


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  • Shy people just need time to feel more comfortable. It will get better with time. He's probably inexperienced and wants to make sure he's accepted. He's afraid of showing or doing something that will make the other person think less of him or reject him. Which is why he is shy. Shyness is a person hiding something that he thinks is inadequate or wrong, be it true or not. Most shy people have irrational or untrue thoughts that other people won't approve of them if they were to show the thing they are shy about.

    He's probably shy of getting more intimate (since you mentioned holding hands and kissing) because of his inexperience and not confident that you will still like him if he were to do something inadequate. Just give him more confidence in himself.


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  • Go do something that your both interested in that has a lot energy at. Like a concert or a comedy club or see a cool show. Where you can open up and be more expressive of your emotions. Have a couple of drinks and he will feel more comfortable. Or find something that interests him and if he's anything like me he will talk all day.

  • Weren't he supposed to be comofrttable with you since he likes you?

  • he likes you so much that he is afraid he will do something wrong make sure that he knows that he's not doing anything wrong. try to guide him into more intimate things

  • Wrap him up in a big blanket and offer him a cup of warm milk. He'll come around.


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