Why doesn't he let me sleep over?

I've been seeing this guy for about 2 months and I have only stayed the night with him once.
We hang out at least once a week sometimes more depending on work schedules; We always set up dates beforehand so these aren't 3am booty call dates. We'll do the usual stuff... dinner, drinks, hang out talk, ;) but whenever it starts getting late (especially on a weeknight), I'm like do you want me to stay or go/visa versa if he is at my place, and he's always like "No, not now but it's better if I/you go home"

I asked him about it one night and his answer was that staying over is a step further in a relationship than he sees us in right now but like 2 days later we went out and he was like do you want to stay over here?

I'll say, "Okay, I'm going to go" and he'll be all "No, stay a bit longer". Or like last night we were in bed and he has a really important presentation at work next week and he said "sorry, he needed to work. So he got up to work on it. I started to get up too and he was like "You can stay here for a bit. You don't have to get up now" but proceeded to work on the presentation.

I don't know what's going on... but I don't want to keep asking him about it.


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  • Well guys are ridiculous when it comes to this. I would let a one night stand sleep over. What's the big deal. Comes down to maturity. He may have had some bad experiences before. So next time tell him yes we can take it slow and sleeping over the one night doesn't mean I will continue to sleep over every night. That the convenience of it is what you care about. So reassure him that is not a habit or a step further in the relationship. That will put him at ease. Some times it's better not to "beat around the bush" with guys and say what you think.


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  • maybe he was a bit unsure about one of you sleeping over, but after you mentioned it sometimes, maybe he is starting to want it and is trying to say it in a casual way

  • Likes your presence. Trying to take it slow.


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  • If he's willing to go as far as sleeping with you I'd be very hurt and upset if he said I couldn't stay over. I'm not some fucking prostitute who you can get rid of when you like. Of course sometimes you need your own space, sometimes you need to get on with some work, but as a blanket rule its pretty shit.