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Why do men sometimes distance themselves.... and what does this mean...?

Ok... my story! I have been seeing this guy for about a month. We had fantastic first couple of dates, on out third date we slept together, as it... Show More

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  • Depends. How did you meet this guy?

    • We met on a night out about 4 months ago... we became friends on Facebook, We tried to arange a few times to meet but with both of us at work and stuff we never both didn't have a lot of time. We stoped talking for a while, then stated chatting on Facebook and met up, since then we have had 5 dates!

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    • What do you think? If you meet a guy at a club while your grinding into him, you think he's not thinking about sex with you?

    • Ok well it wasn't a club and there wasn't grinding lol.. its was sum what a quite pub! as I said that was 4 monts ago and we remained talking on Facebook! Don't get me wrong we still talk I just fill his pulled back a bit?

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  • i think you should play the same game he's playingg..like don't text him back,and so fort.but stil keep in contact..make him chase after you..also, I think he's just in it for the sex...but I think he prob have some what feelings for you..you have to make him think ur in DEMAND :) guys hate it when other guys pa attention..he's keeps coming back because he wants the sex of course...but some guys DO hit and run..good luck :)

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