Dating a girl who is a surrogate mother?

(We're in our early twenties. I just put my age in wrong on accident.) I met this girl who is basically a good match for me in many ways. She is very attractive, kind and outgoing to keep it simple. The only thing is that she is a surrogate mother for another family. It is off putting and I'm not sure of what to think of it.


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  • That is purely going to have to be your decision. You are the one who has to ultimately decide if you can handle her choice. If she is the kind of girl you really could see yourself with, I think it may be a good idea to talk things over with her, and express your uneasiness, because not doing so will ultimately lead to you harboring resentment. Maybe if you ask her more about why she is a surrogate, and get into her thought process and try to level with her, it won't be as big of an issue for you. Best of luck.


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  • If you really like her otherwise I think you should try to look past it. I'd even commend her for her willingness to do that for someone else. It's not an easy thing to do. But if at the end of the day it's something you just can't deal with, then it's okay to go your own way.

  • Its no more weird than dating a girl who already has a kid. But in the end, it comes down to your comfort level. Tell her your uncertainties before you leap without looking, though.

  • What's off putting about it? I'm curious.

    • She's pregnant with another families child. It's weird to me because it's a new situation. Plus if you wanted to have a long term relationship that may actually ended up in marriage and having a family, then wouldn't it be a little weird that she already had an experience that both are suppose to endure?

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    • Is she planning on being a surrogate or has she done it already?
      If it's the latter, I see no problem. If it's the former I can see why you're uncomfortable with it.

    • @UberTroll She's currently 5-6 months.

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