Should I tell me boyfriend about my prior sex life?

Should I tell my boyfriend about my prior sex life? The other day we where talking about sex and I just dismissed this saying I wasn't very experienced, which is true.
When I was in high school i was with my boyfriend who was really sweet and nice but then I could tell he was getting anxious. That's when he started to change, he no longer wanted to hang out as much and he would tell me that I looked fat, or that other guys wouldn't like me as much as he did (he would say this when I brought up that he didn't want to sped time with me). And he just made me feel bad about myself.
One day he was talking about how another girls asked him out and that he thought he was cute. I was so jealous, but I dismissed it. The next time we where making out and I stopped him, he kept telling me thy the other girl was really pretty and that made me feel so bad about myself (especially because he had recently brought to my attention that I gained weight). And he would just tell me he could get sex anywhere he wanted if he just tried and that I should work harder because he wouldn't always be around, so I caved and had sex with him. I regret that so much, I didn't want to but I really thought I loved him back them. He broke up with me that same month, when I told my friend she said I should just count myself a virgin because I didn't really want to have sex an that I was just scared. But I don't really know. I haven't had sex since then but I just don't know hat to tell him.


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  • I think you should tell him, you could tell him whenever the topic of sex comes up again, the fact you asked this makes me think you are worried about it so if you don't tell him it'll probably eat you up, did you tell him you were a virgin?

    • No I told him I was inexperienced

    • Then that's fine, there's nothing you should worry about then, I recommend you just tell him :)


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  • I follow a strict don't-ask-don't-tell policy when it comes to pasts

    • I don't mind if he's bad sexual partners ( I know he's had them). But when it comes to telling him about myself I don't know what to say

  • I agree with some of the other comments here, Don't ask, don't tell.

    I prefer not to know a partner's sexual history because it can just promote upset on my part. My Main concern is I'm the only one they're with at the moment.

    We all had stupid moments and dates we regret. We're human, it's forgiveable, It's the here and now that really matters

  • The next time you two talk about sex just let him know that you've had it once u dnt need to describe it all
    Cuz if he loves u it shouldn't really matter to him
    And if ur relationship turns in to a long lasting then in that case if this is disclosed later it could turn out to be bad for d same :)

    • Wait how could it be bad if I tell him later

    • Update I'm saying that he deserves to know it
      But that you guys were talking about it you should have told him cuz den it turns out to b a matter f trust aka a lie

    • It can turn out tO be bad not the part that you've had a prior sex life but he may be hurt that u lied to him

  • Not unless he asks...

    • Yeah, but what do I tell him I am

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  • Prior sex life is your business.
    Admissions just lead to further questioning, recriminations, and sometimes hurtful feelings.
    I don't allow it at all.
    And I don't question either,
    Fair is fair.

  • if you're serious about him.. tell him.

  • if he asks only