Is my LDR boyfriend losing interest?

So i have been in a LDR with my Boyfriend for almost 9 months, And well recently he has been stressed about things and doesn't want to talk about it, should i give him space if so, would he think i am not supporting him cause i tell him i am. He is 18, And is going to be a marine, Since he has been stressed about stuff he doesn't want to tell me he recentl replies with one word texts, Is that a bad thing? Or is it just cause he needs space to think? He tells me he loves me, so i believe him. I am always there for him and always reply to his texts quickly but could he get bored? What should i do?


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  • Well, first you won't know until he tells you if he lost interest or not.

    Talk with him, ask him to be honest about it, but respect his "secret" if you want.

    What I usually do is ask her "everything alright"? (im in a LDR also) But since we were close friends first i know her a lot, know when something is happening and he notice in me too, and we have an exceptional trust in each other (but yes, we still have secrets too) In LDR is specially important to be honest, open and to speak what you feel, since you can't see always body language and gestures.

    Ask him when he has time why did he answered with short words, ask him to trust you (and build trust)


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  • It's human nature it seems for humans to take things for granted after awhile. If you matter much to him, he would be circumspect to take initiative to respond to your texts in a less apathetic manner. The choice is up to him.

    So now, its not a question about what you can do, but a question of what he can do to not make you feel insecured about the r/s.

    The most you can do is talk to him about his nonchalance, and hear what he has to say about it. Then, you choose to believe him or not to.

    • Could you please explain, i didn't quite understand that fully (:

    • It's written in a very comprehensible manner, so how do I further simplify it? /:

      Hhmm, well, what I am implying is that your guy may or may not be losing interest in you. You would need to ask him to find that out. Then you decide by your own volition to take his word for it or not.

      In my penultimate paragraph, I meant to say that he has the full authority to choose to make you feel secured or not. If he loves you, he'll go the extra mile to always ensure you are happy and feeling good no matter how occupied he is. Constant one word replies is an indicator that he likely might be losing interest in you. And if you feel that way after talking to him, leave him. Find a guy who willing to love his girl the most even after the honeymoon period in the r/s.

  • light detecting resistor?

  • sounds like he is getting tird of you start looking for another guy


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  • I'm In an ldr too and trust me you'll be fine. I've had the same thing with mine and he's just stressed. I've confronted him many times but he tells me he's just tresses and he'll try harder. Works for a bit until it gets on top again. I know he loves me I hear it in his voice. He said so himself that he may not always spoil me rotten but he loves me more than anything. Just speak calmly and find out. Show him you're there for him regardless if what's on his kind. Every man needs a woman who will stand by him through the hardest of times. Show your man you're there for him.