Is he deliberately trying to make me feel self-conscious and insecure?

My boyfriend is always commenting on how beautiful celebrities are, and talking about how specific ones are the "perfect women", because they are sweet and nice and nonetheless beautiful. He knows it upsets me and I've told him I'm really insecure, yet he continues to say how beautiful and hot and sexy and gorgeous they are. Sometimes he goes on for like 1-2 minutes, just complimenting them. The other day I got upset Bc he was talking about how great a celebrity I dislike is, and he saw I was upset and continued to tease me about being jealous, and go on about how great and how perfect of a woman she is. I told him it hurts my feelings when he says that because it makes me feel like I'm a bad woman. He replied with "when you act like that you are". He even compliments girls he knows in real life to me, but he rarely ever compliments me. Or tells me what he likes about me. I feel so upset and it really hurts me. I don't do that to him, except I said "Drake wouldn't treat me this way" and he said "yes he would". But I tried to act cool after showing I was upset and said "well to each his own" and he shut up real quick. I know it sounds childish, but he always does this and it makes me feel ugly and like I suck.


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  • stop being mental and he'll stop taking advantage of it... .


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  • If your boyfriend makes you feel this bad about yourself (especially on purpose which he is) then there's no point to the relationship. Why would you want to be with someone who constantly puts you down. I seriously recommend dumping this jerkface. Next time he compliments someone else just tell him he can date her.

    I think some guys do this just for the control. Maybe he wants to get you so down about yourself that you'll think the only guy who will be with you is him (which isn't true). I'm 100% positive you can find someone who will treat you better than this asshat.

    • This is actually true. I've seen that happen to female friends of mine and when I point it out to them , they just say I don't like the guy.

    • This is really a method of control?

    • It can be, if he keeps making you feel like you're not as good as other girls, or that you aren't worth anything then yes, because it can/will make you constantly worry about what he thinks of you or what those girls have that you don't. You might start relying on him to formulate an opinion of yourself and your self worth and that is a form of control.


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  • Yeah don't put up with that bull. He's obviously too insensitive and immature to drop it. Why don't you give him a taste of his own medicine and go on a rant about the attractiveness of some male celebrities and see how he likes it. He's obviously pretty insecure so he feels the need to make you feel bad like that.

    • I don't see how he can be insecure if he's told me "I know I'm an attractive guy" and he's said "I know I'm good looking, and girls have wanted me before, but some of them have been around and I don't like that"

    • Because people who truly know they're good-looking don't feel the need to tell it to other people all the time.

  • I know how you feel my darling I have been there myself with my boyfriend so what I did was I did the same back with male celebrities and I also dressed nicely around him and did my make up lovely and that gave me confidence and it made feel like I can take him on with it and it made our sex life amazing! So my advice is play fire with fire and do it back and let him have his own medicine because a boyfriend should never do that to his girlfriend make the asshole feel what you feel

  • He seems like a bit of on ass in my opinion