Why does my boyfriend constantly and deliberately try to make me jealous, and then get mad at me about it?

For the past year, my boyfriend of two and a half years has been constantly trying to make me jealous. A year ago, he had this class with some girl, and constantly talked about how huge her ass was and how he was constantly staring at it. At the time, I'd never really felt jealous over things he'd done in the past.

When I told him that him talking about and constantly checking another girl out made me feel extremely uncomfortable. For some reason, he didn't seem to understand the fact that it was actually hurting me, and he would constantly talk about "butt-girl" and the things him and his friends would do when they talked to her.

This continued to make me very upset. I've had depression for around 9 years now, and I've always felt extremely self conscious about myself. I thought he understood that, but me getting jealous made him feel good about himself, and he eventually pushed my feelings completely to the side and stopped caring. This made my depression worse, and I was constantly getting jealous over things he did with girls. He constantly did things to make me feel uncomfortable and upset, like talking about hot girls all the time, watching porn more than wanting sexual contact with me, and just ignoring me more and more.

Eventually, he started to realize what he was doing. Late October of last year he and I talked for hours about the subject, and he said he was really sorry and would get better. He stopped watching porn, he stopped talking about what girls are super attractive, and he apparently doesn't feel sexually attracted to anyone else.

However, he still does little things to try and make me jealous. Only now, he gets so mad and yells at me every time I do. A year ago, I never felt jealous hardly ever, but when he started doing those things all the time, it changed me. How do I make him understand this?

Is it possible that he emotionally abuses me?
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I just said to him "I wish you'd understand what you do to me..." and he just said "Break up with me then". Why would he say this when it's something we can fix? Does he want to leave me?
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Also, he's my first boyfriend, I'm his first girlfriend. We've experienced all of our "firsts" together. If I lost him it would kill me, and he's said the same thing about himself. Why is he acting like he wants to lose me?
Why does my boyfriend constantly and deliberately try to make me jealous, and then get mad at me about it?
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