Do you tell your friends with benefits that you're seeing someone else?

Been dating a year (yes we go on dates -movies, dinner etc), we speak to each other everyday, met each other's families too.

do you tell them?


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  • If I was to have a fwbs Id want it to be exclusive so that we aren't putting each others health at risk.

    Like if im sleeping with other people on the side and she's sleeping with other people on the side and then THOSE people are also sleeping with other people on the side it just seems like a recipe for disaster.

    So Id prefer sexually exclusive with no emotions or expectations.

    • I have the suspicion he's seeing someone. He doesn't have many (legit just me ) friends that are girls so i don't know if I'm taking him texting out of context

    • This is something you have to talk to him about. If he's sleeping with other people while he's sleeping with you I think you have a right to know since you health is potentially affected.

    • I only suspect this though because I got all stalkerish on his profile. He gets anxious when I go away that I'm getting with other people

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  • Well if you're still sleeping with them, they may want to know why you've chose to end it. My last friends with benefits was the same, we went to all sorts of things together however I needed my space because I did meet someone who i saw a potential relationship with.

    • How long into dating them did you tell your FWB? He's treating me so well atm so I'm not sure if he's seeing someone else or if I'm paranoid

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    • OH! Well I mean he could be casually seeing the other person like he is seeing you, it just depends if you discussed whether or not you want to be monogamous

    • We haven't really - we admit that we really like each other but there's not really a spark. Since that conversation (5months ago) we've become closer and he's become much more affectionate to me over the past couple of months.

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