Guy Fixed My Bra Strap For Me?

I was after school with some friends working on our grad project, which is a mural. Lately, I've been asking my guy friend who is back from college to come hang with us. It was about time for him to leave and he was giving hugs to all of us before leaving. During our goodbye hug, he felt my neck, and commented on my body temperature, which he said felt high, felt my neck multiple times, and then proceeded to fix my fallen bra strap during this exchange. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like him... but is this weird behaviour? Would you have done something like this? For a little background, it was just us and the other couple of girls working on the mural. The school was completely empty aside from that.


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  • he was testing the waters to see what you would let him get away with, before he does anything else so he won't get in trouble or get you mad at him.

  • Depends on how comfortable you are around each other.


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