Covert Narcissist Ex Lover Recently Blocked Me After Being Indifferent Since Break Up. Power Play?

Five months ago, I was dating this covert narcissist (no item on the covert narc was left unchecked) and it went on for a month and a half. I know one of the reasons why he discarded me was because I was such a tease to him but didn't sleep with him nor allowed him to go second base with me. I can clearly recall giving him mixed signals during the relationship phase and I was not needy towards him. In fact it was the total opposite! He was crying non stop and I just sat there, all calm, collected- perfectly level-headed still. I didn't call him anything offensive. I simply stated my views and my confusion towards the situation. I was pretty nice towards him that night despite a whirlwind of disbelief and anger in me. For someone who's been posting for one-two times max in two months, all of a sudden he's on rampage with posts about being lost, broken and depressed. Being the covert narc that he is, he's acting like the victim here. But then I didn't react to any of it and simply continued being indifferent about it online & off. He hoovered indirectly through out mutual friend on my birthday but I didn't do anything about it. I stuck with the No Contact Rule since it happened but we're still friends in all of the social media accounts. Anyway, a month after, he attended my cousin's wedding and one of our friends (the least I'm closest to) told me that he asked where I was. Due to my intense curiosity I messaged him directly, just the way boys like it (calm and direct), "You were looking for me?" and he denied it saying they were the ones who said I wasn't there and he further gave me long replies after. I responded courteously, though I've kept my replies short, polite but definitely not chatty. He ended it after a few exchanges with a good night and I courteously said good night back. A week after, he deactivated his facebook account for a week (just like what he did when he discarded me) and I just found out he blocked me in fb messenger! Is this a power play?


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  • You're overthinking this to the extreme.

    "Person identified, covert narcissist makes power play, I check him with no contact, exposed!"

    This isn't even a relationship.


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  • Maybe he is trying to get over you.