Does he assume I'm his girlfriend?

I started dating this boy three months ago. He's been a really great guy to me so far, he's buff but a bit on the shy side. Thing is we haven't straight up had "the talk" yet, as in him saying he wants me to be his girlfriend and to be exclusive. He does everything a boyfriend would do, always consistent, wants to see me on the weekends whenever I'm free, I've meet his closest friends and roommates, calls me his babe, gets our favourite foods and watches shows I like... that I'm his sort of thing. But he hasn't brought up those words. I'm not sure if he assumes I'm his girlfriend, or if we're still just dating. I don't really want to bring it up first cause I'm the girl haha and don't want to ruin a really good thing. A while ago he's told me the last girl he saw was a few years ago for several months but that it wasn't "BF/GF", and I'm worried to be in that situation. He's a great guy, but he hasn't made our relationship public yet and want to be sure he only wants me. Has anyone else been in this situation?


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  • You have the right to know and the right to what you want out of the relationship. He does too.

    There is a good chance he wants a real relationship with you and if he doesn't you are wasting your time.

    Talk to him and know. But make sure he knows how you feel before he tells you,


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  • He probably already assumes it. However, I think you need to talk about it in order to worry less about that.