Is 167cm very bad height for a guy?

To be honest I am 166.5 cm. I can't see my self or know how other people see me. Sometimes I am ok with it, sometimes not! and would go out with guys with that height ! Be Honest !


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  • it's a medium height, most women prefer a man her height or taller and most women are your height or shorter so the issue here would just be confidence
    I don't think I would, I'm 1,68 and I feel masculine next to guys my size because I don't have a small frame and I find big men more attractive and well manly
    but like I said it's a medium height, just get over it and go after less shallow women than me 😋


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  • I'm 166cm... so for me personally, you'd just about pass :)
    But most girls I know are shorter than me, and some don't even care about their guys' height. If your height's an issue for her, she's not worth your time.

    • "for me personally, you'd just about pass" "If your height's an issue for her, she's not worth your time." hmm k

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    • I never said it was wrong in fact you did. I'm just wondering if you are a self-admitted waste of time or a hypocrite.

    • @Josht13 self admitting waste of time :)

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  • So you're 5'5. That's not that short. I wish I was 5'5, then I'd be a normal weight. Instead I'm 5'10 and skinny as a rail.

    No, that's not very bad. Most women are probably 5'1 to 5'4 (most women that I've met anyways.) Women do like a guy who is taller then them, but you shouldn't have any problem in this case because you probably are.

    • You are 21 years old so your body shape will change through the years and you can solve this if you choose your dresa well !
      My friend the same thing tall and skiny , he dress well and he fucked the most beautiful girl in our high school 😉

      but I am Not , I am short.. if I were skinny I will look tiny and if I get fat I will look like a dwarf.. my stature is difficult 🙁

    • @JADOR actually, I'm 19. I always lie about how old I am when signing up for accounts.

      That's true, still lots of time to grow. But from a medical perspective I'm too thin. I'm in a hospital to gain weight actually.

      Work out a lot and get buff. That will make up for the height. Women want to feel protected. And hey, maybe it would improve your self confidence. You never know, worth a shot.

  • It depends on your race and culture. Among American Caucasians, you would be a little bit below the norm for an adult male.

  • Probably not since it would limit the size of your dating pool.

  • Its not bad

  • unfortunately girls don't like short guys, i know after years of trying. I'm honest. :'(
    i just wish a girl would see my personality rather than my height

    • Me too 😔
      how tall are you?

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    • 170cm 74kg

    • 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

      you are not that short !!!
      and I wish if I was 1.5 cm taller (168) because my father is 168 cm and mascular and I find him super attractive.
      you are 2 cm taller than him !
      I think the problem is in your weight or your mind !

      I wish if you can share me your picture !