Can you text a girl too much?

Simple as that. I don't mean like repetitive and harassing texts, but what is the limit to how much you can text a girl?


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  • If you are an interesting guy that can engage people in a conversation, or even if you are shy but genuine, it's always good practice to speak to the girl you're interested in just briefly through texts. After the brief texting (to judge if they are busy) either call her or meet up in person.

    I try to keep texting a girl I'm interested in to roughly 6-7 texts at a session. Maybe 2 sessions a day. That means that periodically through the day, I will chat back and forth, like instant messaging almost, responding and teasing her. After those sessions, I'll call her if I want to or I'll meet up with her in person if I have the time.

    I strongly advise you to NOT kill your attraction by texting her boring things; keep texting solely for fun and light-hearted chitchat or for judging if someone is busy; don't use it as a method to get to know someone. The same concept applies to chatting/IM'ing/messaging/commenting/etc... You should spend the effort to get to know them either face-to-face or over the phone.

    Keep in mind that some girls dread talking on the phone; keep the conversation fun and light hearted. Practice your social skills often and brush up frequently by going out on the town with your friends. The more you practice with others, the better conversationalist you will appear towards the girl of your interest.

    You don't want to be the friend; you want to be the boyfriend.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Goodass answer. But id be the way too shy to call the girl I like, even though I am always around twon with my friends? Its just soemthing about the girl I like makes me not do easy things

    • Thanks eSH - If you want some advice for getting over your fear about speaking with the woman your interested in, I would recommend that you check out this website:

      - It has some great keypoints about fear, approaching women, and even understanding what is attractive compared to what's not. Between all of that material, you will understand that you have a lot of good and attractive qualities. Just realise that "fear" means

      F alse - E vidence - A cting - R eal

    • This is advice worth it's weight in gold... +1

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  • Sometimes texting nonstop for an hour can be a hassle to me, but then I just call the person and it's fine haha :) If she shows interest and keeps the conversation going, you're good!

  • no limit, if she likes you she wil not mind it at all

  • Personally, I hate having drawn out conversations through texting. I would much rather you pick up the phone and call if you have so much to say. A few in the beginning to let her know you're interested but don't go overboard. Otherwise a text from you won't really mean as much if it's so often.

  • Text her as much as you want as long as she's texting you back and if you ever think that your bothering her just text "I should let you get back to ______" and if she agrees that means she's had enough but if she says she can talk more go right a head and text more.

  • Well if you are trying to start a conversation maybe a couple times a day (maximum 6, anything higher is just desperate/freaky/harassment) , but once you have started the conversation you just keep talking until one of you has to go.

    • for the part about until one of you has to go - I think if you're the one that has to go don't say you ahve to and just respod to her text when you're available to talk again, then a whole new conversation starts

  • I know how you feel, you don't want to get on her nerves. right? When I feel like that I would ask if I'm bothering them. But other then that no there is no limit to texting a girl. She is probably waiting to get a reply right now. lol

    • You don't need to worry about bothering them. It is a natural and subconscious reaction to something bothersome to just "ignore" that person/thing. So if you bothered him, you would feel him "rejecting you"... It sounds like you have it figured out, but always keep that in mind.

  • it depends on the gurl actually but since I am a girll I think texting will also has limitations.. what if she has something to do and you're always texting her.. just be relax text her when you woke up, or eating your lunch and you just remember her, or goodnight.. not that long messages..

  • i don't mind a lot, usually.

    but if you text EVERY morning and are like good morning etc. it can get clingy and weird.

    or if you text during lunch EVERY DAY or something.

    and if she doesn't answer, just wait for her to.

    don't send her constant texts that are like

    i guess not.

    okay then.



  • well girls like to be texting someone all the time, at least me and my friends do- so as many texts as youu fit into a day :)

    • For a friend maybe, yes.. but I think he's asking about relationships/courting someone he is interested in.

    • Yeahh I'm talking about a relationship kind of way- me and my friends only text each other when were bored other times we spend texting boys we like :)

    • That's new information for me :) Thank you.

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  • Yeah. I used to text this girl all the time, like I had 400 texts from her in one day, but then when we would do something, we would have nothing to talk about because we already pretty much talked about everything.

  • Heah dog girls love attention. If you like a girl enough text her until her eyes bleed. What is to lose. Nothing

  • I am a guy currently texting a girl I like who I believe likes me. I worry I over do it and analyse her texts! My thoughts are:

    1. If she asks a question or says something that indicates need for an answer then ofcourse text again and again and again.

    2. If she doesn't say anything to indicate she is looking for a response or the text ends with 'enjoy the football' etc, then that means end of texting for the time being. You could text a final short reply back or just leave it.

    3. She may consciously put x's on it or just do that for everyone. However, don't over-analyse this. Some girls do it as a signature, others put none and then as it progresses puts an 'x'. This is good. By all means put one back if you have said something nice. E.g, "and can I say you looked really nice today x". Don't go overboard and make a point you like them by putting loads. ooks odd.

    Remember, kisses on texts from girls don't mean anthing but they're always nice to see and you'd worry if they weren't there!

    4. Try to get 'one in hand'. If you send the last text and then text her again first later that evening then she has one in hand. I always try (and sometimes fail) that if I ended with a final text then I have to wait for her to send the next, whenever that may be. If she doesn't then she's not interested. If she does, she is! Simple.

    5. At the end of the day, if a girl likes you she will be happy to text and no amount you send (as long as she is replying with decent texts and not just "yeah" etc), will put her off. If she doesn't like you then whether you text lots or few or whatever you say, it ain't guna happen.

    6. Finally, keep it flirty and fun. Little jokes, banter but don't get too silly. Make her get the texts read it and smie...maybe with a little chuckle. I always re-read my text before sending it and think. will she smile?Will she laugh? Will she be eager to text straight back.

  • What if a girl was interested in you and you make the mistake of texting too much and she starts ignoring?