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Can someone really be "too busy" to call or text?

I met this guy online a few months back. We talked on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve until the clock struck twelve, and he was pretty vocal about... Show More

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  • It sounds like you two have never actually met?

    If that's the case, you may just be his "backup girl". The one he turns to when there's no one physically around for him to spend time with.

What Guys Said 5

  • Well, let's be honest, almost anywhere overseas he;d be meeting good women in REAL time a lot more than he would here in Obama fantasyland. Good chance he met someone.

    And how can you expect real commitment in cyberspace? It's not reality! REALLY, it's not!

    ANd yes, sometimes life intervenes and people are too tied up with their real lives to sit in front of the computer!

  • Find a guy. Then make him cling, I'm not a jerk but that's what a girl would do to me

  • Internet relationship, long distance relationship never build strange until you meet each other this types of relationships always painful so first you should meet him.

  • Don't even ask this question because women are guilty of using this excuse, too.

What Girls Said 3

  • This is a relationship that is convenient for him. He talk to you on his time and when he wants to. No one is too busy to talk to their girlfriend on Valentine's Day and how do you just forget to talk to you girlfriend on Valentine's Day? Seriously? You should have ended it when that happened. Don't live your life phone call to phone call. Find something real and determined; cause this is not gonna work and will only hurt you further.

  • Dont be fooled by the internet love messages... texts or whatever... He was calling you his girl but he never asked you out on a real date?

    Nothing said over the internet is real enough... and no, you can't be too busy to text or call... I have had moments texting even when I was having a shower so...

    Find a man that is real =)

  • hell yes. some people actually got a life! and some of us hate being bored so they keep themselves busy 24/7

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