A guy gave me his military dog ID tag told me I meant world to him but never called me?

Hi a guy gave me his military dog Id tag told me I mean tthe world to him and that out of the pair one was for me and the other for his father when his father passes away. He explianed how there are only two of them made. And it meant so much to him to give me one out of the pair he had. he no longer is in the military but was in the war for 5 years and been back in states for 3 years now. He never called me again or contacted me since he gave me the dog tag. A few times I try to contact him he will reply once to my text like yes I'm fine how are you but will not continue you a conversation past that. I called twice and both times he texts back I am busy but I will call you in an hour and never did and never explained next day what happened. This guy got very emtionally when he said by to me and when he gave me that dog tag. he said things like it was not a goodbye that he is giving them to me and he did not want me to think that BUT with I living here in fl and he in MASS he hoped that I would meet a really great guy one day that could be there for me. What is up with this ?guy? He gave it to me the same night after he and I made love. I feel like he lied he did give it to me as a goodbye. He even said things like that he too needed to meet someone he could marry one day and have family with. I have two liitle kids under 6. My ex spuse was abusive. This guy I met also wanted to go his butt for me but of course I said no no. My childrens father lives on another state far from me and him and its just fine that way thank goodness. Me and this guy talked for a year on the phone and skyed and texted often for before we met in person. We spent 3 beautful days together. He said he had planned on giving me the dog tag before he came to see me. (I have talked to his famly members brother sister etc. so no he is not married or anything). He did have a girlfriend for a few months that he broke up with before he came to meet me. We new everything about each other. In the time frame we kepted on contact since the time we met on a date site he also knew that I had dated men locally and had a boyfriend for a few months but didint work. We never hid anything from one another. What would cause a guy to ignore a girl besides the fact he is not into her, Is there any other reasons? It has been 2 months already.


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  • He said goodbye, and the memory of you will always hold a special place in his heart.

    He may hope that you remember him the same way with the tag, a little souvenir for a time in your life that you can look back at and not yearn, but just know of, as your life fills up with different events. With you in FL and him in MA, he didn't want to do the distance, because the alternative is to unite life paths (move to the same place, work in the same place, become as a family), which he wasn't ready for.

    So, he broke it off. But he probably felt the relationship was healthy otherwise, and you meant a lot. Breaking healthy relationships generally hurt the most, because the decision is difficult to rationalize without any good "reasons" for disliking/leaving.

    • Well I do not who you are however I must say I feel you read into my experience and situation with this man in a very beautiful and extrodinary intellectual manner. I have gotten two answers so far and something tells me that an in depth, compassionate and knowledgable answer such as yours could not possibly follow this answer. So I would like to thank you very much.

    • Thank you for your kind words :)

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  • It seems that he just care about you as a close friend, and will not settle for anything more than that.


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