Is it a sign a girl likes you if she remembers minute details you tell her?

This girl that I like and I think she likes me seems to remember everything I tell her I do or like to do.

I have also noticed on Facebook she will never just answer my questions, but always extends the communication by asking me questions. She also always uses lots smiley faces, hahas, and stuff like that.


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  • I concentrate really hard when I'm talking to the guy I'm dating so I can remember what he says. Then I bring up the minute details in future conversations. I know it shows him I was really listening, which means that I care what he has to say.

    So I would definitely say this girl likes you. She's making an effort to do back-and-forth communication, not just one-sided and even remembering every little detail about you at that!

    Good luck.


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  • yeah, I tend to do that myself when I talk to a guy I like... then I keep in mind their interests and hobbies when I talk to them again or about this person to my friends.

  • well.. yeah I'm pretty sure she likes you!


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