What does it mean when a girl kisses a guy on the forehead?

My girly friend and I have been friends for 2 months now and we are really close. She's says she feels weird around certain guys but she doesn't around me. She has also told me that we are just friends but she sends out mixed signals. I've noticed lately she will grab onto my arm and get close to me, she will lay her head on my shoulder and proclaim "she's tired" but will act awake in seconds. Anyway, it happened yesterday as she was leaving my house, cause she lives with me, to go to work. Right before she left she gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead. The right side of my forehead if that means anything. N I don't know what to say about this. Should I take it as a sign or should I just take it as nothing. Thanks in advanced

She also has told me that she doesn't liked 2 b touched, trust, or get close 2 people. Well she trusts me with her life, and recently she's been getting closer 2 me, telling me everything bad that has happened in her life. She tells me everything.
When she introduces me 2 her friends, its we are just friends. I don't know cause these signs could b either way.


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  • Hmmm, interesting...

    When she said you were just friends, what EXACTLY did she say? And why? Did you ask her or what...? Because there is a difference between being just friends and wanting to STAY "just friends," and being friends but wanting more.

    These signs you mention ARE sorta mixed-signal-ish, lol. They could go either way. Is there anything else you've noticed about the way she acts around you? Does she seem all self-conscious and always tries to look her best for you? If she does, that is one of the stronger signs that she likes you. If she doesn't, it either means she isn't interested, or that she's just that confortable around you that she feels no need to try...

    This IS a tricky question... We need more info to come to a proper conclusion, lol... But basically, she either kissed your forehead because she likes you and it seemed the most convenient place, or because she sees you as brother-ish and didn't want to give the wrong signal...

    But like I sad, we needs moar infos, lol :)