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What does it mean when a girl kisses a guy on the forehead?

My girly friend and I have been friends for 2 months now and we are really close. She's says she feels weird around certain guys but she doesn't... Show More

She also has told me that she doesn't liked 2 b touched, trust, or get close 2 people. Well she trusts me with her life, and recently she's been getting closer 2 me, telling me everything bad that has happened in her life. She tells me everything.
When she introduces me 2 her friends, its we are just friends. I don't know cause these signs could b either way.

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  • Hmmm, interesting...

    When she said you were just friends, what EXACTLY did she say? And why? Did you ask her or what...? Because there is a difference between being just friends and wanting to STAY "just friends," and being friends but wanting more.

    These signs you mention ARE sorta mixed-signal-ish, lol. They could go either way. Is there anything else you've noticed about the way she acts around you? Does she seem all self-conscious and always tries to look her best for you? If she does, that is one of the stronger signs that she likes you. If she doesn't, it either means she isn't interested, or that she's just that confortable around you that she feels no need to try...

    This IS a tricky question... We need more info to come to a proper conclusion, lol... But basically, she either kissed your forehead because she likes you and it seemed the most convenient place, or because she sees you as brother-ish and didn't want to give the wrong signal...

    But like I sad, we needs moar infos, lol :)

What Girls Said 5

  • I think it's the sweetest sign of love and appreciation of a friendship. But it is very platonic.

    It shows she cares for you alot...almost like a brother in my eyes

    My dad does it to me.

    My advice, leave it alone.

    If she wanted something more she would have pecked on the lips.

    And the "im tired" thing...i do that too for no real reason

    Girls tend to be 'touchy' and want to just hold your arm or play with your fingers.

  • whatever happened with this girl?

  • I do this to my guy friend, because I love and care about him so much.

  • thats wierd, id never kiss a guy on the forehead, even guyfriends I kiss their cheek sometimes when you greet each other...

    i suppose it means friendship and sounds almost brotherly?

What Guys Said 2

  • It means he sees you as a great friend, someone she can trust. But you better do something in case you're interested in her, avoid the friend zone.

  • hey...well I guess it means a lot because it shows her care and respect for u. And she really respects her relation with u. A kiss on cheeks or lips probably shows more of a liking or emotional connection and a kiss on forehead is for care and respect.

    U can see normally that usually parents or any other elders used to kiss on forehead, because they wanted to show their care and concern.

    take care

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