Girls- would you date a pretty boy?

I'm 19 and fully matured, people tell me I still have my baby face. Girls think it's cute and they compliment on my eyes, hair, and my smile a lot. A lot of friends and family say I'm very hansom and stuff...but what do you girls think? Are you attracted to any "cute in the face" guys?

Would you date a pretty boy? I guess chace crawford or zac efron are good examples of what I look like.

Are you girls looking for more of a mature looking male or would you be attracted to someone like me?

Thanks for your answers girls =)


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  • Looking for compliments sir? ha ha but no if you're serious about your question a lot of girls may find that attractive. I always dislike questions like this (no offense) just because they are so general not every girl is attracted to the same thing. Some girls like the hobo chic look Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson rock or the suave look of guys like Christian Bale or Tom Welling (on good days with him haha). It honestly all depends you just have to go for a girl that will love you just the way you are. We honestly all have our types and no one can make us change from what we like.


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  • No

    • Umm Thanks...

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    • Okay well do you find a man with a cute/boyish face attractive? That's the question

    • I guess. An attractive face is attractive in my opinion whether it's a "rugged" appeal or boy-ish.

  • I'm actually turned off by manly men (which sounds abit odd as I am very heterosexual and love guys). I'm attracted to younger looking faces (aka, rounder, less facial hair, chubby cheeks etc. with an average/slim body). But its all personal opinion.

  • I would TOTALLY date a pretty boy! =)

  • baby face doesn't really do anything for me


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