Met a nice guy online but he hasn't asked for my number?

I met a guy online about 2 week ago and we email A LOT throughout the day. Probably about 2 emails per 2hours or so.

But he hasn't asked for my number nor gave him his. He didn't even ask me if we can meet in person. He seems interested in his emails but not sure why he is not asking. I don't want to ask him since I might make him uncomfortable.

I have friends who has met guys online couple of times, they all exchanged numbers and even went on a date within one week.

When I look at this guy's profile, he is looking for long term relationship so I am wondering if he just wants to be email friends. I don't get it. :/ Is he being careful? He tells me all about himself and his family, he shares lots of personal information with me but I don't understand why he hasn't asked for my number.


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  • All of the above..wants to be careful, mostly just looking for e mail freinds, and only interested in an LTR so will be slow to ask for a number from a stranger.

    Hang in there, maybe he will be worth waiting for.


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  • He's probably real nervous and taking it slow

  • With this one guy that I met online, we talked for months before he asked me out. I have no idea what that is about though