He flirts then ignores me?

Hello everyone, okay so I met this really cute guy a couple years ago, and at the beginning we texted to each other a lot, then we stopped, and now recently he sent me a message saying I was super cute and asking why I was gonna spend Vday all by myself, I replied to his msg, but he didn't reply back. two weeks later we bumped into each other at the bar and the next day really early sends me a message saying that it was totally random bumping into each other but I was really good seeing me!. and I replied to his message and he never replied back. and last week we bumped into each other again, he was dancing with another girl, suddenly holds her off her feet by her waist, and I got a bit sad(I'm not gonna lie), so at the end of the night he was saying bye to his friends and I decided to go over and say Hi, and as soon as he saw me he looked at me and said I looked beautiful and gave me a kiss on my left cheek(while holding my hand), and I sent him a message saying it was really nice seeing him again and gave him my phone number(again) and he hasn't reply to my message or called me, so now I' confused because I'm not sure anymore if he really likes me and its playing hard to get or what is going on!, so guys please, I need help!

Thank you!

All his msgs have been through facebook


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  • it's a common tactic.

    my older brother actually taught me this one in high school. it's been passed down for a reason. it works.

    the guy will compliment a girl. ( in your case he's really being obvious wheras most guys start out subtle)

    step two. stand back. my brother explained it to me like this. you plant the compliment seed and then let nature do its thing.

    just ask him out and get it out of the way


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  • Are you sure you have the right number? If not, then you have to admit he's being quite devious. You're playing into his hands quite well. I might try this ignoring thing. :L


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  • Sounds like he is not interested in you. If he likes you he would reply to all your texts. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind sleeping with you.

  • sounds like a PLAYA to me :) definitely my ex boyfriend.

  • make him make his feelings known. he's playing games