What does a kiss on the forehead mean?

When a guy kisses you on the forehead does it mean something more than a kiss on the lips?

How about when he kisses you ontop of your head while your cuddling?

Do certain kisses say a thousand words for guys?


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  • If a guy kisses you on the forehead it's an expression of endearment. It means he cares a lot about you, or that he thinks you're incredibly cute, sweet or adorable in some way. Especially if he did something like that right after you did something cute. Generally it doesn't mean a lot on it's own. Basically there needs to be some kind of context.

    Now when you say him kissing your forehead while cuddling it means you're very dear to him in one way or another. A great deal of affection, maybe even love for you, can be expressed in that one kiss. Especially if done in a nice, quiet moment alone. But again, if you said or did something adorable then it's because you were cute.

    Look whatever the case, this guy kissing your forehead clearly likes you alot. If you like him back, I suggest you act upon it. If you're already dating him, then all the better, because it means you're in a good place with him. All in all I can sum this all up pretty simply.

    A kiss on the forehead is a good thing.

    As for your questions about kisses and how guys read into them. I have to say that it really depends on the guy. Some guys (like some girls) are completely oblivious to context, and can't tell what one kiss means compared to the next. In other cases there are guys who can figure it out before it even happens. Some things are easy to read, and some not, and there are people who have skill to pick up on this stuff. Some not.

    I hope this answered your question pretty well. If you have any more questions, you know where to find me.

    Good luck.


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  • YES, yes, these gesture means that he can't find words to tell you how much he likes you. You won't get many of these in your life unless yu're very lucky so think about that!

  • I know when I kiss on the cheek it's normally because I know a full on kiss would not be appropiate in the current situation. Either she's "new" and were not even to the lip kissing stage or there's a ton of people around, and like a cheek or forehead kiss is being respectful I guess? I don't know. Most of the time for me though, it's because we haven't even started lip kissing yet. lol

    I think of them as sort of a good hug? maybe? I think. lol

  • Yes its say something more than kiss he respect your feeling

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  • My guy tends to kiss me on the head when he's being affectionate, or when I've done something silly that makes him laugh, in a 'wtf, weirdo, I love this girl' kind of way, lmao.

  • A kiss on the forehead is a sweet, innocent way of saying he cares about you and you matter to him. There is a gallant, protective meaning behind a forehead kiss - but that doesn't necessarily mean it is romantic. However, if it was "at a party" it is likely he has romantic intentions, and is working his courage up slowly. A forehead kiss is a good way to show someone you care without coming on too strong - it is caring and respectful.