What exactly does "talking" mean?

oh, were just "talking".

i used to "talk" to that guy.

i just don't really understand.


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  • mm, usually people say that when they are kinda seeing someone. like they aren't dating, they're not exactly single. they are just getting to know each other better to see how they will work as a couple. or that inbetween stage of just before they start going out.

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      Yeh, that's exactly how I'm describing my thing with this guy. We're "just talking",which is the middle stage between being friends that date but not officially "together." In other words, we're "kinda single, but kinda not." Just trying to get to know each other as people and see if things go to the next level or not. It's a transitional stage that can be really confusing for people, especially girls.

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      Yes..so confusing

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      Yea agree. talking means you are talking kind of dating but not yet.