Does a passionate kiss at the end of the first date...

Does a passionate kiss at the end of a first date mean he's gonna call you back?

OK! update! As it turns out it doesn't mean sh*t!

He just texted me that things are not relaxed between us and he likes me but not more than a friend. Good thing he didn't feel like that when he had his tongue down my throat!

I'm depressed:/
Haha! the guy that I told you about just messaged me that he can't help thinking he was too fast backing out on us! and that the attraction was never a problem. and that he thinks of me! but he understands completely if he blew it last time!

what should I do? give him another chance?

P.S. he's so hot makes me wanna cry!


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  • Maybe he will, or maybe he wanted more...

    • I don't think so! He actually said goodbye and then kissed me and got on the train.

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    • yeah! I'm so upset because he is a friend of my friend's boyfriend. So she already told our mutual friends about him and now I have to go and tell everyone "The guy I told you about doesn't like me!"

      I hate this!

    • i hate when friends tell more ppl. it complicates things. just tell them that things aren't how you thought they would be like between you and the guy.

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  • Either that or he doesn't think the date is OVER!

    • The date was over and he knew it because we were waiting for subway and he kissed me when his train arrived.

    • Oh, OK, he was indeed sending a message then!

    • I wouldn't trust him not to pull this hot/cold act agtain, apparently it's not the first time..

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  • That's on him, there is no for sure way to know if he is going to call you back.

  • not necessarily

  • I don't see why someone would kiss someone, much less with passion, if he wasn't interested in them and not wanting to see them again.

    I would say yes, that's pretty indicative of a great first date. :) Don't stress. If he calls, then great and if not, there's plenty more guys out there.

    • I knoww! But this one was so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I texted him 2 hours ago and he hasn't replied yet!

    • Don't get hung up on waiting for his reply. Go do something. :)

    • I'm sorry to hear that. But at least now you know and you can concentrate on finding a guy who is interested in you.