He is affectionate when drunk, not when sober.. but always wants to hang out..whats his deal?

i have been "hanging out" with a guiy since October of last year. At first it started as more of a friends with benefits but then he became very touchy feeling and affectionate. then out of the blue he said he doesn't want a girlfriend. We stopped hanging out for a while and about new years we began hanging out even more. and the more time we spend together the more affectionate he becomes . but the affecionate part comes out ONLY if he's drinking. When we are just hanging out with NO DRINKS he doesn't show any sign of liking me its like we are just friends. but he has asked me when I don't have my son so we cvan hang out and he will know when he can see me, he is always asking me to hang out or make future plans,.for instance we are going to an isdland for the weekend coming up and planning on going to mexico next year, he KNOWS how I fee about him as I have had convos with his girl friends while drinking and he has over heard. My feelings for him are extremely strong and he is fully aware of that. is he just playing me or is there hope. all his friends say to wait wait wait, but how long is too long to wait.. it will be a year in October.


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  • Sounds like you are playing yourself to me. You are friends with benefits so you got what you wanted. Where is the problem? You think this guy is going to have you for something more when you behave like that. The reason why this guy and you will never be a real couple is the same reason why guys don't marry prostitutes. Obviously you only wanted sex with him. Well, you got the sex. What is your question? congratulations, you scored. He scored too. His deal is nothing. He has no deal. He gets sex whenever he wants with no strings attached. He doesn't even have to talk to you the next morning. BONUS. Seems like both of you are getting what you want. You get the sex. He gets the sex and doesn't have to pretend to actually like you. Sweet deal. Men only date ladies. Men will screw anything. You're just some whore he's banging every now and then. If you want a real relationship, you'll have to learn how to behave like a lady.

    • Here's a hint: ladies don't have friends with benefits. Even a prostitute is smarter than you. At least she charges for it. You give it up for free. Ladies don't have guy friends at all except for maybe their brothers and family. Ladies have girl friends who they talk too. Ladies have morals. You can't be a whore and have a life of a lady. It doesn't work like that.

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    • @gss99... I would be shocked if you've ever even experienced life beyond yourself.

    • You're definitely a whore. Who cares how often you give it up. It's pretty clear he doesn't even like you. Wow, why does he only like me when he's drunk...hmmm that's a tough one. What could the reason be? maybe because he doesn't like you?


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  • So... I'm not going to read that block of text you wrote but going purely by the question in the title,

    He's shy and unsure of himself around girls. Booze gives him the courage to step out of his shell but beyond that he's not capable of sober affection in the current relationship.


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  • i think he does like you to some degree and the drinks make him more comfortable. id talk to him when he's sober and just ask what his deal is see if he really likes you and wants more than just sex.