When a guy says you deserve the best?

this guy I am dating has herpes. I know its bad but I care about him and like him and I am looking past it. He said something once saying he is lucky I'm even talking to him, and that I am an amazing person and I deserve the best.

Does he like me or is he writing me off? He once said to I could get any guy.

What does it mean really.. cause I know when a guy says you deserve better, can mean please go away.


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  • Herpes in this day and age is nothing major as long as you protect yourself. But, I think he is worried that he doest praise you enough. And saying that you deserve the best coming from someone like me means what it says and I would prove it in anyway possible.

    So answering from my end he is praising you like he feels you need it. And more then likely he does like you and more then a little. =D

    I could see someone saying.. you deserve better. But, I would say In the bad way it follows with a not seeing you for a while then a goodbye. Or maybe a goodbye right away.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck.


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  • I took it as, he does like u...and he wants to give the best he can of himself, since he finds you amazing and feels lucky to have you.

  • Just want to give you and your boyfriend a little information :) 75% of people under the age of 30 have herpes and only 30% of those people "know" that they actually have it :) You can find this information on the CDC Website :)

  • sounds like he is insecure about his condition. maybe he thinks you deserve better then him.