Should I call him after 6 months?

I would like a guys opion on this... I really ike this guy and he knows it, I think about him all the time,haven't spoke to him in 6 months I have no clue how to see him but I kept his phone number..I want to call him, do you think he will think I am chasing him, and think why does she still have my number,or do you think, if he wanted to contact me he would have he does know where I work..We never went out together...

I left my number for him 6 months ago and he did call and left me a message,I called him back and left him a message but he never called back what should I do.

Well thanks for all you help...Just wanted to say I finally got up the nerve to call him, he has a cell phone through the company he works for, well I guess someon else has his phone now because, the voice mail said a diffrent name,but the same company,so either he retired or quit I don't know,but kinda sad I will never see him again..


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  • Hey... Don't give up... the internet is an amazing thing... put his name in, and some facts you know about him and see what you come up with... You can also can ask the guy who has his phone if he was transferred somewhere within the company.

    As for wondering if he will think you are chasing him... Aren't you? That's not a bad thing. If you do call him, just say hi and tell him how you know him, and tell him you thought he was a nice guy and wondered if you could meet sometime to talk The worst he can say is No, and then you can move on... If the guy isn't seeing anyone, he just might say yes... One thing for sure, if you give up, you'll always wonder about "the one that got away"


    • I did all I can do to try to get intouch with his guy,at least I can say I tried..If it's meant to be maybe someday we will bumb into each other when I least expect it, who knows...

    • I tried the internet and tried and tried...At least now I can say I didtry to find him I guess it's just not ment to be..I just need to stop thinking about him cause if it was ment to be I should have found him by now

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  • It's been 6 months so wait for the first days of the new year ? It's like 2 more weeks to wait...

    At least you"ll have the excuse to call to wish him a happy new year, you'll be able to ask him how it went meanwhile, and what his resolutions are for the new year. Some small talk, and you'll see if the conversation goes somewhere.

  • Being a middle-aged man myself and assuming this man is also, you might be running into the non-committal middle-aged man syndrome! At this age it's pretty difficult to get us attracted to a new relationship. Or, maybe he's with someone else! Well, what would it hurt to call him?

    Then you'd know.

    • I know what if he has a girl friend I would feel stupit , but one thing I know for sure he was attracted to me at one time..If I do call him I really hope I get his voice mail LOL

  • Understand that he's not really interested.

    pursuing him will just cause you pain or worse get you used.

    • If he's not interested why when I left my number on his truck,he called me and left me a message,I just don't understand why a man would get a womens hope up like that ,he should have just not have called me at all, and I took it as him being to shy to call me back who knows. what do you think

  • Don't give up. You never know what plans life has for you... Do your best, be yourself. It will work with this one or someone else.

    • Thanks, that is a nice thing you said..

  • Let me give you a clue: every single woman I fell for was the one who took the first step! Some guys are just shy or reticent, or unsure of how a woman would respond!

    It's charming to know you're wanted. Just go ahead and show your appreciation of him as a person.


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  • I am not a guy , but I'm just throwing my answer here.. I would say to not call him, I mean after 6 months .. what if he has a girlfriend or something .. what if he would be like " who are you " .. I wouldn't risk to be honest ..

    However .. If I really really want this guy .. I might show up somewhere where I know he would be and act casual and see how things flow .

    You can also find a common friend or something and find out his status right now .. and if you might get a chance if you refresh your relation with him ..

    Thats all I could think of . Good luck :)

    • I don't know where he hangs out,or I would love to just show up where he was,the only contact would be to call him,and hope t get is anserwing machine so I could say what I want to and then say if your seeing someone one I'm sorry for bottherins you and see what happens

  • yeah... call him to wish him a merry Christmas and then again happy new year... lets see how he reacts

    • Very good advice... if he wants to maintain contact then, he will find a reason..