Should I breakup with him right away or should I give him a chance?

Hi all,

I would love to ask you for your opinion.

I (F35) had a very emotional disscusion with my boyfriend (M35) on Sunday evening.

Some background. We met about 2 years ago on dating app and we hit it off. We started dating but after 6 months he broke up with me. His reason was he was not ready for relationship. It was a very hard time for me.

Last September we met again and we both realized we missed each other. We started texting a bit and met once a month. Then I invited him to celebrate Christmas with me and my mom. I didn't have any motives. For me Christmas is about being with your family and he was about to spent them alone and I found it sad. I didn't presure him and if he would decline my invitation it would be alrght. But he accpeted.

During Christmas I realized that I have feelings for him and I told him so. I thought we would just stop talking again but he told me he has feelings for me too.

So we got back together. I didn't want to rush, he was the once who first strated talking about me as his girlfriend and that we are in a relationship. I was stupid and I believed him.

But now on Sunday I asked him if his family knows about me at all (we were talking about them prior) and basically they know he is with someone but that's it. Then he asked me why did I want to know. I told him that I also want to know how serious he is about me.

So he called. He confessed to some personal issues that I don't want to repeat here it's his own. But what came out of the talk was that he, after 8 years realized what's wrong with him and he is working on it. But in his own pace and he won't be pressured. But the pace is super slow. It could take him another 8 years or even more to get to a place to be serious if ever.

He told me it is as it is and now it's up to me how long I will stay (weeks, months or even years).

But I'm certain age. I don't have 8 years to spend with him forr him to realize he doesn't want to be with me.

Should I break up with him right away then?

Should I breakup with him right away or should I give him a chance?
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