Once you go black, you don't go back?

I recently hooked up with a really hot Black guy, and now I'm not attracted to anyone unless they're Black.. ? Why? I'm surrounded by attractive guys but now, I have absolutely no interest in them. I've always been attracted to Black guys, but since I've been with one, they're all I'm attracted to. Literally. You could put a sexy white Hollister model in front of me and a average everyday Black guy in front of me, and I'd choose the Black one..


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  • Everybody want's good stuff. If you experienced great time with black guy, it might happen to become your favorite type. It could have been in reverse. One white guy and no black ones again. That does not mean that next guy who will impress you won't be white guy. But it is somewhat less likely.

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  • Racism of any type, is not something I typically agree with, no.

  • just stating facts and my personal assessment of you based photos, you fit the description...thick, white girl that smokes weed and loves reggae. Do whatever makes you happy.

    • LOL I agree. She has more in common with black folks than with men of other races.

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    • What a racist thing to say

    • i don't know any white guys that do...wait, you know, I do know this one guy...and all he dates is black chics. check and check mate

  • im surprised that no girl has pointed out the possibility of her being emotionally attached to this guy somehow...

    Maybe you had a connection with him. Have you ever been in love? The kiss is different, the sex is different, its all different when you are emotionally attached. Maybe he did everything perfect in every way and now you look for a way to kind of "reconnect" with him and you choose to do that through race?

    Im not saying that's the case, but hey, maybe it is? Just something I initially thought?

    (look at cenicienta's answer)

    She was in love with a guy of a particular race and she seems to fall for them more often...

    your personal preference has just changed, that's all!

  • Its just your preference now, you can go back, you just have a preference now and you stick to it.

    No biggie.

  • I wouldn't know, I don't to my ex's or I try my best not to.

    So I can't say if its true or not, Well not my problem personally.

    • i don't talk to my ex's*

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  • I've been with a couple of black guys, and since I've been with white guys.

    So no, quite clearly, I don't agree with it.

  • I dated a black guy then a white guy and a mexican.

    • was the black guy bigger?

    • i don't think it has to do with d*** size otherwise the saying would be 'once you go with a bigger guy you never go back' period even if he's not black. If it's true, then it's a different factor more closely related to being black.

  • To be honest, I think the guys have hit the nail on the head. If the sex/company/whatever was really memorable you'll see black men as better and if you have more in common with black people you're more likely to have a good time!

    I'm the same, but with me it's white musicians, in particular guitarists. I don't like massively muscled, sculpted abs, etc etc. I'd always chose the tall, slim, dark haired musician. If it makes you happy, don't beat yourself up about it, it's natural! :)

  • I've been with two black guys... wow, but... not the best! :o)

    • wow?

    • and are you white?

    • Haha sorry yes I'm white. And wow, as in big but it was not the best sex ever..

  • Black men are hot. Love 'em.

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