Once you go black, you don't go back?

I recently hooked up with a really hot Black guy, and now I'm not attracted to anyone unless they're Black.. ? Why? I'm surrounded by attractive guys but now, I have absolutely no interest in them. I've always been attracted to Black guys, but since I've been with one, they're all I'm attracted to. Literally. You could put a sexy white Hollister model in front of me and a average everyday Black guy in front of me, and I'd choose the Black one..


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  • Everybody want's good stuff. If you experienced great time with black guy, it might happen to become your favorite type. It could have been in reverse. One white guy and no black ones again. That does not mean that next guy who will impress you won't be white guy. But it is somewhat less likely.


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  • Racism of any type, is not something I typically agree with, no.

  • just stating facts and my personal assessment of you based photos, you fit the description...thick, white girl that smokes weed and loves reggae. Do whatever makes you happy.

    • LOL I agree. She has more in common with black folks than with men of other races.

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    • What a racist thing to say

    • i don't know any white guys that do...wait, you know, I do know this one guy...and all he dates is black chics. check and check mate

  • im surprised that no girl has pointed out the possibility of her being emotionally attached to this guy somehow...

    Maybe you had a connection with him. Have you ever been in love? The kiss is different, the sex is different, its all different when you are emotionally attached. Maybe he did everything perfect in every way and now you look for a way to kind of "reconnect" with him and you choose to do that through race?

    Im not saying that's the case, but hey, maybe it is? Just something I initially thought?

    (look at cenicienta's answer)

    She was in love with a guy of a particular race and she seems to fall for them more often...

    your personal preference has just changed, that's all!

  • Its just your preference now, you can go back, you just have a preference now and you stick to it.

    No biggie.

  • I wouldn't know, I don't to my ex's or I try my best not to.

    So I can't say if its true or not, Well not my problem personally.

    • i don't talk to my ex's*

  • If you get an opportunity to go on a date or be intimate with a non black guy, give him a chance. However, it's not shameful to only like black guys, but you are just limiting your options.

    • i don't think I am limiting. I limited myself to only white guys before, and now I see the beauty in all races. I wish I was this clear-headed a loooong time ago.

    • There are more races than just black and white.

    • thanks. read. :)

  • I feel kinda similar, like a couple of years ago I used to have no interest in black girls but now I pretty much only am attracted to them and want to be with them. But I am still open to dating other races, I would say you are pretty similar. You just have a preference, no problem with that

  • it happens I guess, I am Hispanic and I have a thing for short, pretty, plump Italian ladies...dont know why. I really love em.

  • I'm impressed! Keep it up. Go black nvr turn back ;)

  • This married guy I had sex with was, not black as in "African" but rather from India.

    Sure he was good for a f*** once or twice but I couldn't live with him even if he ditched his wife.

    I eventually found a white woman and married her. So yes, I went back.

  • Once you go grey there ain't no other way! ;)

  • It's because it's different!

    Most people are too use to their own culture so we can see the beauty in others allot more then our own kind. I'm mostly black but I never date any black woman, I have nothing against them I just feel more interested in something new I guess.

    the Normal Black guy cares about his looks more then the average white male. Look at all the sports stars who play football that are black and basketball as well. My High school, while in a white town had more Black guys kicking ass on the football field then white/Spanish males. they were ripped, trimmed and of course Overly cocky , all things woman say they love lmao.

    I Myself Like Latin woman, they have such wonderful hair, Hips and a nice ass/leg ratio.

    Euro woman have very beautiful/exotic faces and Indian woman are like a mix of latin and euro.

  • Once you go fat, you never go back either. lmfao!

    Okay, just go sleep with someone who isn't black and maybe that will change your mindset. That is the only thing I can think of.

    • idk if this is about simply sleeping with guys haha. but thanks. and I'm a fit biatch :P

    • That's cool that you are fit and all. I'm just saiyan that I slept with a big girl and now all I seem to chase after are big women. Coincidence?

    • oh I don't know lol :P

      and that's great :)

  • It seems pretty common that girls gets fixed ideas of what an attractive guy is. It can be a black hip-hop guy, tall white goth guy, chubby bald guy, and so on.

    I know, you girls are weird. ;)

  • Ouch...never been attracted to black...usually the size of their penis?

    • i wouldn't expect you to since your a guy. and what about it?

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    • Yeah, I do believe women date black for their size or reputed size. So, it's clear where her preferences are. I'm just not attracted to women with the bigger vaginas. It's great they can find someone that they want, but I'd rather just move on.

    • Actually white guys can be VERY big! I've never been attracted to a black man and never will, as a Latina I LOVE white men, my current boyfriend is the uhm "biggest" I've ever seen

  • Okay? That is good for you... so what? Everyone has their own personal preference.

    OHh and the once you go black you never go back statement is false.

  • You probably have more chemistry and more in common with a black guy. I don't believe the statement once you go black you never go back. I know plenty of women that have. This ex I was with said she dated a black guy shortly. She also said I was the best sex she ever had. Statement = false.

  • It's a preference. I like Asian women like you like black men. I acknowledge there are some attractive women of other ethnicities, but I still find myself seeking out the Asian women.
    Ironically, I don't find black women attractive.

  • I don't know whether it's true or not in most cases, but I've been involved with quite a few white girls and a lot of them had a long-running interest in black guys that obviously started at some point. However the girls who live in places which have a higher white population seem to 'go back' whereas the girls from London (where I live) definitely follow that stereotype, and there's a high black population here so it makes sense. I doubt they think that we're better lovers, probably just have an interest in the contrast of color/culture, which I think is cool. What do you think?

    • Well I live on a small island in Hawaii and there are no Black guys here... it's a shame really.

    • Ahh too bad :)

    • Haha I know

  • There are a lot of racist p***** on this website. wow.

  • Hmmm that's interesting. I'm in the same position but with white girls. I used to only be interested in Indian girls but I recently hooked up with a white girl and now I love white girls. I'm so glad there are so many white girls at my university lol. I'm still interested in all races, but I'm much more interested in white girls than any other.

    • You'v hooked up now? Congrats. I remember seeing one of your posts a while back saying you had doubts you'd ever find a girl.

    • Thanks man. I doubt it's anything serious, well not yet anyway.

  • Maybe just like guys with color? Oh well, Works for me :D

  • Kacie you need help for your mental disorder. It's abnormal to be attracted to those outside of your own race to this degree. Races were created for a reason by God. Who are we to interfere with that? Bottom line is, it's abnormal. White Men want white women who have class, standards, intelligence and character. Sadly there are few white "men" it seems. Those same traits define what a real Man is. Sadly the black male is the prime example of what a MAN isn't. No responsibility, low intelligence, racists, hate filled, lack of impulse control and given to crime. Statistics bear all of these out as we all know they do, whether we want to admit it or not. For a white woman, from her own lack of womanly traits and out of pure lust and lack of intelligence, chooses to have sex with a black male, no white MAN has any use for her again. Please stay in the bed you made for yourself. A Man considers the genetics of his child. Apparently narcissistic lust filled females (not Women) don't. Not only are you not "Wanted" back, you're not "NEEDED" especially when it comes to child bearing for a white MAN. Such inferior and weak genetics based in character, definitely don't need to continue.

    • Okay, one of the many things wrong with this answer, is you calling the black man "racist" when you clearly stated "Sadly the black male is the prime example of what a MAN isn't. No responsibility, low intelligence, racists, hate filled, lack of impulse control and given to crime." Does that not sound racist to you? generalizing all black men to be criminals, have lack of intelligence, etc. Second, it is not a mental disorder to like black men, get that through your ignorant f***ing head.

    • Stopped at the first sentence. Honestly if you have nothing intelligent to contribute just don't say anything at all.

  • Good for you. Is there an actual question in here anywhere? The saying 'once you go black, you don't go back' has more of a foundation in that Caucasian men often want nothing to do with a Caucasian woman who has dated blacks. The acid test is, if you do find a white guy you like, tell him that all of your recent boyfriends have been black and see what happens.

  • Once you go black, you don't go back meaning is that you develop a taste and now you have educated taste buds... black is the coolest color, so it's always fair to say that you will like it when you start the black. It also shows you thinner.

  • Obvious troll is obvious.

  • You can like what you like. It doesn't sound like you want that changed anyway. Considering that, what was the point of the question exactly? Just to proclaim your preference for black guys?

  • You're white I'm guessing? Women look to black guys for the "bad boy" or "exotic" appeal.

  • Don't worry about it, you'll go back to normal when you realize that you'll be paying their way rather then the other way around.

    Plus its also fashionable for girls to date black guys now, so wait until the fad is over and then you'll be hooked on whatever the next thing is.

    Also note that there won't be a lot of white guys that would want you after going out with a black guy so it kinda works out that you don't find them attractive.

    • Why wouldn't guys want a girl who has been with a black guy before? That's the most ignorant thing I've ever heard.

    • I wouldn't say it's ignorant at all. Just as the QA says she won't date anyone other than blacks, there are going to be people who won't want her for that.

  • i would suggest that you aren't attracted to a white guy because the black satisfied you more in the sheets...

    • no comment on performance. but I think it's more than just that that attracts me to black guys.

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  • I've been with a couple of black guys, and since I've been with white guys.

    So no, quite clearly, I don't agree with it.

  • I dated a black guy then a white guy and a mexican.

    • was the black guy bigger?

    • i don't think it has to do with d*** size otherwise the saying would be 'once you go with a bigger guy you never go back' period even if he's not black. If it's true, then it's a different factor more closely related to being black.

  • To be honest, I think the guys have hit the nail on the head. If the sex/company/whatever was really memorable you'll see black men as better and if you have more in common with black people you're more likely to have a good time!

    I'm the same, but with me it's white musicians, in particular guitarists. I don't like massively muscled, sculpted abs, etc etc. I'd always chose the tall, slim, dark haired musician. If it makes you happy, don't beat yourself up about it, it's natural! :)

  • I've been with two black guys... wow, but... not the best! :o)

    • wow?

    • and are you white?

    • Haha sorry yes I'm white. And wow, as in big but it was not the best sex ever..

  • Black men are hot. Love 'em.

  • I've heard people say both, and on this site, I've seen both opinions. Personally I think it's somewhat superficial either way. However, I could just be biased because I'm a girl, but I feel like the second one ("once you go black we don't want you back") is worse because you're judging someone based on their past rather than simply changing your preferences.

    • ok so I prefer to not date girls who dated black guys

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    • Everyone has preferences, but I don't think every deal breaker is justifiable.

    • no but as long as others have other deal breakers I have mine

  • Im kind of in a similar situation but with native guys. Had sex with one and now I find them more attractive than I did before but I still love my white guys, but a little tan is always nice. :)

  • Ive been with a black guy, and we had fun but it could never be anything serious as my family would disapprove! So I've gone black and won't go back for different reasons. I'm attracted to all races.

  • i'm the same way, but not with blacks :)

    once I "kinda fell in love" with a guy of a particular race, I only see them now.

    its not just a race thing though, it happens with other traits too. like if the guy you loved played football, or the piano or whatever you'll be more interested in guys as soon you find out they do these things too. at least that's how it is for me...

  • It might just be a faze? Haha! Like you experience something and you just want that one thing more and more, but then if you don't get it... it will fade away or your feelings towards both white and black guys will be the same!

    Ive never been with a black guy before like, although id like too!

    Is it true what they say? (about the size... ;) !) xx

    • Sorry. Phase*

    • hahaha yes, the size is true.

    • Yes, I wonder about what you said... Is it true what they say about size? ... Also, like you, I've never been with a black guy but I would love to! :) ... Same is true about women... I'm bi curious and never been with a woman before but I definitely want to! :)

  • Is it true what they say about size? ... I've never been with a black guy but I would love to! :) ... Same is true about women... I'm bi curious and never been with a woman before but I definitely want to! :)

  • By hooked up did you mean sex? Because black guys tend to have bigger d***s compared to the average white male... Maybe you just love big cock? Nothing to be ashamed of! haha. Everyone has a type, maybe you just prefer black guys, there is nothing wrong with it.

    • i don't think I should mention size, it might upset some people but whatever. thanks for the response. I like what I like.

  • i have never been with a black guy but I want to so baaadddd

  • This question is introducing some racial comments both against black and against other races. It's really uncalled for -_-

    p.s. I'm not blaming the question asker, I'm blaming the commentators who have nothing better to say than to type foolish comments.

  • hehe! I don't think its true a few friends and I have dated black guys before and we didn't only date black guys for me doesn't really matter what race you are if you have a connection with that person and they make you happy then that's the only thing that should matter :)

  • what is there to help? it's your preference. it's totally ok

    • i meant it as is it normal to feel this way? so thanks :)

    • Yes...black men have bigger penises and women like em bigger..size matters...thats why guys like me who are white with small penises or just average penises are 42 and still single! I will only date WHITE and Hispanic women!

  • i think I'm kind of in a similar situation as you. I've always been attracted to both black and white guys, and even Hispanic guys for that matter.

    i dated a couple white guys in high school and my fresh year of college. one guy was an ass but the other was a sweetheart. for various reasons we broke up though.

    but earlier this year I met a really really cute black guy. we really hit it off as friends but soon after I knew I had stronger feelings than just that. when we did have sex it was the best sex I've ever had, by far haha. I think our sex has made our emotional connection even stronger to each other. now I seem to be really attracted to black guys more so than before.

    i hope this helps :)

  • "some guys say once you go black we don't want you back"

    I see what you did therrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre... ha, clever.

  • Once you go black, you're going to need a wheelchair

  • i think sex is good if you're attracted to the person, so if you're attracted to black guys more, yeah you'll get more turned on by them.

    i don't think the myth is true because the smallest d*** I ever saw was on a black guy. but what I experienced is that once you start dating black guys other guys get kinda intimidated so you just kinda end up sticking with black guys because that's who wants to hook up with you the most, I donno

  • That's just wrong

    • why?

    • Because you can ALWAYS go back.

    • i don't get why some people like this need to be up in someone elses business... why does it matter to these guys...? Is their dating preference so strict and have not much else to offer that they feel inadequate when people of "their race" date out. Who freaking cares, date out too

  • I don't think there is anything wrong with you. I am into black men too but I have ventured back to white occasionally, but for me I just like black guys more they give me more pleassure because I'm more attracted to their dark skin their dark skin their boldness and swag.

    I've been with black guys exclusively from my 14th till my 17th and my 19th till a few months ago!

    I think it's true once you go black, you never go back, but every once in a while you have a white snack!

    Don't worry be happy and enjoy!

    greetz Amanda

  • why shouldn't you take us back once we went black?

    • because you will be loose

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    • it's not silly it makes sense

    • It doesn't make sense because it doesn't inform you as to whether he was big or not. Also, you're ignoring my first comment.

  • No,black dudes only good for smke wed and crack and they are lazy for work all the time,i am latina and in latin America we have a powerful drug cartel who can kill you only for mix the race,white girls and latin girl in usa may be hose girls like black dudes becuse the people in usa lose all culture and honor,in latin merica Mexico to Argentina we are Maya,Aztec or Inca we have culture and we don't like to make our blood durty,black people in usa lose all the africa culture poor people but sorry,if one day I go into the blacky dudes I will pay for that with my life,ppl who love to kill latina girls who like black dudes is the people like los Z (Zetas) drug cartel


  • I really don't know about men, but since I wore jet black pantyhose a few years ago, all the other colors just look so drab now.

  • That statement isn't true for everyone, but it could be true for some people who really just have a thing for black guys. There's nothing wrong with that, but you're limiting yourself, and you should also remember that there's more to a person than their skin color. It's also possible that the guy you hooked up with just happened to be a better match for you than any guy you were with in the past, and that may be skewing your perception of the situation- the fact that you had a better experience with him might be completely unrelated to his skin color. You might also just be so excited by the new experience that you've become a little obsessed, and that could wear off with time. You may go back to being attracted to other races/ skin tones as well.

    Either way, you're attracted to what you're attracted to, and that's fine. Everyone has preferences. Whatever your preferences are, just remember to treat potential mates with respect whether they meet your requirements or not, and make sure you pay attention to more than just their appearance.

    • thanks for the response! although I don't think I'm limiting. I think I've limited myself before to just white guys. I should have been open to every background :)

  • I don't think you need help. Its okay. You don't have to change it.

  • I've been with a few black guys before, but mostly white. Yes I have gone back, to be honest I was really curious to begin with but they did not seem any different in size when we had sex, one was even much smaller :O.

    It depends on the girl, I like both but prefer to date white guys

  • I wonder if this applies to white guy who are with black girls... hmm.

    • what do you mean?

    • yeah black girls are da bomb! :P

    • say a white guy gets with a black girl, if she would make him suddenly more attracted to black girls. that's what I meant.

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