Girl I used to like but not anymore is trying to get with me but I'm not sure why?

So there's this girl we will call "L", which is the first letter of her name.

Anyways, I liked L since the sixth grade (love at first sight thing) I'm now almost 18, and about to enter senior year. So, about a year ago, towards the end of sophomore year, I confessed about my love for her for the past 4 years. (I was 16 then). Now, we where friends but not that close. Anyways L was not an attractive girl at all, she had a regular figure but no face, butt, boobs, and even had a pretty dorky personality, but I still liked her anyways. I even gave her safe haven after the cops busted a party we where at, she had been drinking, I didn't. We had to walk through the woods on a summer night to my house where I let her stay in a spare bedroom until morning when it was safe (my parents where gone to a reunion that weekend). So I just assumed that because she never had a boyfriend, and wasn't getting approached, she would at least consider going out with me right?


She kind of blew me off saying: "Yeah, well, I'm just not that into you and I have been talking a little bit with another guy,".

I was a little bit sad but I got over it, oh well. Fast forward a year and now she has been trying to get in touch with me like I owe her money or something. She said that she's like, totally sorry she was so mean and was wondering if I would be interested to go out with her. I said I'll think about it.

The only problems are these:

(1) she constantly tweeted last year about how "Boys are so stupid", "Who needs a boyfriend when you have friends", "All guys are a**holes" and the liking, so she is a sexist, but then more recently she has been tweeting "I'm so lonely :(", "I want a boyfriend so bad", "Someone please hang out with me!" So she is clingy for attention.

(2) I kind of accepted the fact she rejected me and got over it, I no longer like her and see all her flaws (which there is a lot of)

But I'm not sure if I should still go out with L, I haven't had a girlfriend every and I keep getting made fun of because of it, and I've been rejected by the only ever girl I've ever actually liked, so I don't think this chance will ever happen again. What do you guys think?


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  • I'm sorry it wasn't right for her to just blow you off like that :(

    A lot of (not all) girls who post things like "Who needs a boyfriend when you have friends" are usually the ones who want a boyfriend but are trying to convince themselves otherwise so yeah...

    You don't like her anymore and you see all her flaws, I don't think you should waste your time on a girl that hurt you.


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  • Sounds to me that this girl is desperate for could get used. If I were you I would trust your gut feeling or just hang out as friends and see how things go. Don't jump into a relationship

  • Think about this...will you be happy? Will dating this girl make you happy? Or are you just thinking about impressing other people or the fact that you want a girlfriend. It's not fair to either of you if this is just about having a Gf. If you think about it, you could be just a backup for her. Maybe she's feelin lonely and thinks "oh yeah remmber (your name) liked me so much...I'll just give him a call." if you don't think she's right for you then just turn her down. The right gal will come along.

  • Be honest with her, if you don't like her and are not interested, then let her know it. I haven't dated either, and I have been rejected too. You shouldn't listen to the people that tease you cause they suck. There is no shame in it.


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  • i ain't gonna answer this, but I'm gonna give you an advice;

    never ever again in your life tell a woman you don't date for at least a year or two that you love her. and keep in mind that she needs to say it first.