Why did she blow me a kiss?

There's a girl I really like at my Salsa class. I don't really know her, and have never spoken to her much except to exchange pleasantries. I'm a little scared to make a move because if she says no I'll still see her every week, or maybe have to give up going to Salsa. Last night she hugged, kissed and said goodbye to all her friends, then turned to me and blew me a kiss. Why?

No, I don't feel left out at all. These other people are obviously her long-term friends, and I am not in that circle, I only met her a few weeks ago.
Her friends are both male and female.


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  • are her friends women or men?

    • Well, I was going to say she likes you, because Id NEVER blow a kiss to just a friend, that would give the wrong impression. But, you say she kissed both her men and women friends, so its hard to judge whether she kisses everyone or just some.


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  • She didn't know you well enough to make physical contact, but she wanted to be polite to you by including you in her good byes. She's probably a very nice woman.

  • Lol so you don't feel left out... This girl I didn't know one time hugged all my friends except me and then walked up to me and gave me a pity hug lol... She was just makin sure your feeling weren't hurt I'm assuming.