If you were hungover but you agreed to go on a date would you still go?

You'd organised to see someone that night, but that fell through so instead you organised to go for a coffee the next day.

Problem: You've woken up in the morning really hung over would you still go or would you tell them you're to I'll?

Bearing in mind that after that you're going to another country for a week or so (so there'll be no contact for that time).

It would also be the first date with that person.
I'm not talking from the perspective of being the hungover one, I'm talking from the perspective of the person that was asked out on the date.

I don't get hangovers, he does.


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  • Unless you're hungover in the sense of vomiting everywhere, can't get out of bed, room spinning then yes.. go!

    I was on holiday and out one night so drunk that this really cute guy had asked me out, but I'd been so wasted I had completely forgotten about it. Luckily my best friend hadn't. When I woke up the next day she told me I was going out on this date, which I had no idea I'd arranged, shoved breakfast down my throat and sent me out... I was ridiculously hungover, but I went and honestly... BEST DATE EVER!

    So yeah, I say go, definitely! Also, coffee is perfect as it's a total hangover cure in my eyes! Secondly, if you don't like the guy, or your 'hungoverness' puts him off... you're leaving the country for a week - timing couldn't be more perfect!

    Hopefully this helps, enjoy your date!


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  • I would still go for that date. I always hate it when a girl spends so much time in her dress and beautification and I will just stand her up.

    • 1st part makes sense. 2nd part makes no sense.

    • If I understand him correctly he wouldn't want to stand her up last minute knowing how long females in general take getting ready for a date (I know I'll admit to having a couple hour ritual).

    • Gotcha'

  • No, I'd reschedule if possible but I wouldn't want to put her through that, and I wouldn't want to put myself through that.


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  • id tell the person what happened and if they like you enough it wouldn't be a problem at all

  • Yeah...I'd just explain that I probably wouldn't be 100%. Hopefully they'd know I'm not normally so tired lol.